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Monthly Archives: July, 2012

Originally posted on Honest Indie Book Reviews:
Let me begin by saying that writing a novel is a terrific achievement. I know, having written one ~ and only one. My hat is off to anyone who can complete a novel. That said, here is my honest opinion of The Good Dr. Grant by Karen Einsel,…

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Sunday Thoughts and Happenings

First off, I’m not the type of person that wears a dress. I don’t feel comfortable in them and when I don’t feel comfortable,                                   I don’t feel I look good. I’m more relaxed and myself in a pair …

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Do You Ever Wonder?

First let me say, I am so thankful and surprised by all the wonderful, supportive, people I have met online since I started writing. Hugs to all of you. I’m having an event on GoodReads, to let people know that, “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners, Her Journey Begins” And I want to thank Patricia Paris …

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Guest Bloggers

Want to be a guest Blogger? Have some great writing tips to share? A favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe maybe? Read a good book? Seen a great movie? Or want to share a funny story about your kids or dogs? Maybe you just got back from a great vacation in? And have some great photos …

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Welcome Emily to Wednesday Wonders!


Welcome to “Wednesday Wonders” and Let’s all give a warm welcome to the wonderful Emily Guido, Author of “The Light-Bearer” Series Emily has been really excited about doing this interview so I won’t keep her waiting… Hi Emily! I know you’ve been quite excited to be here and I am so excited to have you …

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Taking a Break

 No not from blogging but from reading. I have started writing the second book in “Chris’ Journey” which will be titled, “A Corner For Life”  “A Corner for Life” is a story that has been in my head for a long time. Were talking 15 years or so. My reason for not reading? Well… I …

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I’m Terrified!

Do you have doubts about your writing? I do! I don’t doubt my stories, or my characters, or even my dialogue, but my writing ability and putting it all together, publishing it, and then having others read it…Oh my gosh! I was reading Criminal Minds A virtual Panel’s blog this morning and he talked about …

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Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners Her Journey Begins


I’ve edited and revised. Rewritten and reworded. Deleted and added more. I’ve nurtured her for 81/2 months. Loved her and hated her. Is she ready to go out into the world alone. Will the world accept her and love her as I have? Or will she be tossed aside out into the cold? Have I …

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Wednesday Wonders and G.D. Ogan

When I put out a call for interviews I was excited G.D. Ogan answered my call. You see G.D.  or Guy, as I call him,and I go back a few years. We are both members of the online “Outlaws Car Club” And I was surprised and excited when a mutual friend forwarded an email to …

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STOP! Let Me Off This Merry-Go-Round!

Could you imagine riding in this on the carousel? I’ll let you come up with your own comments! You write and write that first draft. You put your heart and soul into it. You give your characters personalities and unique traits. They have voices and they talk to you and each other. There’s descriptions, dialogues, …

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