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Show Me Your Cover Schedule

Wow! It’s filling up fast! And I’ll add more as I receive them. And if you click on their name, it will take you to their blog, website, or goodreads page.

Monday June 17th         Rob (Sharky) Pruneda

Tuesday June 18th         Queen of Spades

Wednesday June 19th   Dannie Hill

Thursday June 20th     Linda Hays-Gibbs

Friday June 21st               Catharina Shields

 Saturday June 22nd     Sarah Remy

Sunday June 23rd          Jonathan Winn

Monday June 24th         Janine McCaw

Tuesday June 25th        Roy Huff

Wednesday June 26th  Amanda Bretz

Thursday June 27th      Ella Medler

Friday June 28th              Christina Mercer

Saturday June 29th        Graeme Ing

Sunday June 30th          Dionne Lister

Monday July 1st              Anna Simpson

Tuesday July 2nd          James Butler

Wednesday July 3rd      Eva Natsumi

Thursday July 4th           Heidi Angell

Friday July 5th                   Jordanna East

Saturday July 6th           Greg Johnston

Sunday July 7th                Chris Ward

Monday July 8th               Carol Marvell

Tuesday July 9th              Cheral White

Wednesday July 10th     Frederick Anderson

Thursday July 11th           Michelle Mogil

Friday July 12th                David Sakmyster

Saturday July 13th           Ben Woodard

Sunday July 14th              Dante Craddock

Monday  July 15th            Gerri Bowen

Tuesday July 16th           Rick Jones

Wednesday July 17th   Elaine Cougler

Thursday July 18th       Angela Kelman



  1. Looks great!


  2. Such a great idea! I’ll share this on my weekly post round up 😉


  3. Would love to have my covers here. So proud of what the designer came up with!



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