Treat everyday as a new adventure

My Therapist/My Shrink

My Therapist sits on my desk watching me work

He keeps me on task

While “shrinking” me from his house

In a Glass

Okay what can I say? I’m not a poet. 🙂

I was going through some of my gift basket inventory and came across this novelty item
that I purchased a couple of years ago at the dollar store.So Let me introduce you to my “Shrink”

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  1. Hi, I really love this! It has a sense of humor to it that you know had the inventor laughing! But where’s the couch, I may need to spread out and talk about my breathing addiction?! Thank you for everything Karen! Have a great day of writing!


    • Hi John Yeah I thought he was cute and sometimes we all need a shrink when we are sitting here writing for hours 🙂


      • Hi Karen, I couldn’t agree more! It is very taxing to continually be giving and creating!


  2. Just the thing I need. Even better than the perpetual motion drinking bird. The one that keeps dipping its head into the glass of water? Never mind… you had to be there.


  3. You have a great blog here..keep writing and enjoy..


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