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Sunday Thoughts and Happenings

First off, I’m not the type of person that wears a dress.

I don’t feel comfortable in them and when I don’t feel comfortable,                                  

I don’t feel I look good.

I’m more relaxed and myself in a pair of jeans or shorts and a tank top and have more confidence.

Anyway, Here’s a pic with my Dad, Step mom, and me taken today and yes I am in a dress. My dad’s always complaining that I never dress up, so I thought I’d surprise him, besides my dad is getting on in the years. He’s 88 and my step mom just turned 89 July 7th.

Second, I was going to write a separate post but really don’t need to, because it’s not very long.

Beggars, Liars, and Thieves? Well not really thieves, but then you never know.  With the economy being the way it is and so many people out of work, The beggars have increased in my area. And there are homeless just about everywhere and I feel sorry for them and will give handouts at times, but… I have had the same guy walk up to me the last 3 times I  stopped at the station to put gas in my car. And his story is the same.  “I work at the boys home for the underprivileged and my car has broke down right here on the corner and I need some money to catch the bus.”  He’s nicely dressed, carrying a briefcase. He’s an older gentleman, maybe late 60’s even possibly early 70’s.  And I’d love to help him, if he’d just be honest with me! There’s times when the beggars are better dressed than me. Heck even my dad feels sorry for me, he went out and bought me some $94 Sketchers, because my tennis shoes had holes in them. I was like, “Dad I have other shoes, it’s just these are comfortable and I’m not out trying to impress anyone.”

There used to be a homeless couple that would sit on the curb at the gas station and you knew they were homeless with their weathered skin, old dirty clothes, and their meager possessions in a couple of plastic grocery bags. They never begged. Never. After I’d put the gas in my car, I would pull up next to where they were sitting, roll down my window and hand them a couple of bucks. You know I haven’t seen them in a while I hope they are okay. Anyway that brings me to thieves. A couple of weeks ago I read in my local newspaper about a couple of girls who were sitting in their car in the drive thru at Del Taco and what appeared to be a homeless man came up to them asking for a handout and they refused. Feeling bad about refusing him they called him back to the car. Now this is a precaution to everyone. Just because they appear to be down and out on their luck doesn’t mean they are. They didn’t have the car doors locked and the man climbed into the back seat, pulled out a gun and stole both their purses and cell phones and as far as I know he hasn’t been caught.

So my question for you is, Do you give money to beggars on the street or in the parking lots when they come up to you?

Okay third we have… I have been having a hard time getting started on my second book for “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners” Don’t get me wrong I have the basic story from beginning to end in my head, but just can’t seem to find the motivation to start putting it down in writing, so I’ve signed up for CAMPNANO. YAY! I’m thinking it will keep me on task and hold me to it. So wish me luck.

And last...I put out a call for guest bloggers and am happy to announce my first guest blogger will be Dannie Hill and he has written a  post about people who support writers and tells us who his best supporter for his writing is. So mark your calenders for August 6th.

Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Hugs and thank yous for everyone who supports me and my blog. And a special thank you to all that downloaded, “The first book in Chris’ Journey series, “Her Journey Begins” which was free the 27th and 28th. And who helped spread the word about it.  I hope you enjoy it and after you get a chance to read it, please leave a short review on Amazon.

Oh One last thing before I let you go…There will be a change up in the interview schedule and I will update it and let everyone know a little later today. 🙂




  1. The amount of beggars have increased here also (city of about 70,000). It’s sad that we have to even consider whether or not the person asking for help is really destitute or not. It’s for that reason that I rarely give. I do give sometimes, though, but I’ll use my gut feeling. I NEVER open my window to someone who approaches in parking lots, stores, etc. If they are standing on a busy street corner, maybe. I caved once recently when an older gentlemen who was standing out in 100+ degree (plus humidity; remember I’m in south Texas) weather with a little dog. I played the odds of someone who really needed help vs. someone who was just trying to rip people off. I gave him a couple of bucks because my gut told me if he was just a scammer looking for easy money, he wouldn’t be standing out in 100+ degree weather all day.

    A friend of mine gave some money to a guy in Houston one time and then later saw the same guy at a gas station filling up his Mercedes. Okay, maybe he lost his job and needed gas money. My stance on that is that if you’re that hard up for money… sell the Mercedes! I think he was just a con artist. I also saw a young man approaching people at a nearby convenience store while I was waited for my dad, whom I had given a ride to get some beer. I overheard the guy ask someone for some change so he could make a phone call (the store has a couple of pay phones). When my dad came out of the store and got in the car, he said he going to give the guy some money and I encouraged him not to. Sure enough, the guy sits down and then pulls out his expensive iPhone (or whatever brand it was) to make a phone call. Last I checked, smart phones don’t take quarters.

    With that said, I do feel sorry for those who are legitimately begging for help because they don’t know what else to do. The folks out there acting like they are homeless are basically steeling from those truly in need. It’s very sad.


  2. Hi Rob
    I have encountered them from all age groups and yet there are some that have hearts of gold and are thankful for even just a small amount of change and then there’s the one that my son encountered that didn’t want the 5 dollar bill my son offered and why couldn’t my son give him a $20 or the lady who refused my change because what was she going to do with fifty cents. For the most part you can tell the ones that are homeless and the ones that are scammers, because you see the same ones all the time. It is just sad.


  3. Hi Karen, First I feel likie I won a big prize by being your 1st guest blogger, yeah!
    I live in Thailand but go back to Houston from time to time to help my Mom. I see the same beggers at the same intersections, sometimes with the same signs. It’s a business. I always think that this people should come to Bangkok and see what real beggers look like.
    I try to give to the needy, but I don’t consider street corner beggers nedy. And I’ve been caught on 3 occasions from the guy with a piece of car in his hand and well dressed. He tells me a sad story– it’s Christmas or Thankgiving and I give in. I’t’s sad because these people are not only taking money away from people who might really need it, but they set good examples for hoodlums in how to approach unwary people.

    BTW, You look good in a dress! When wearing a kilt I always enjoy the cool breeze… That’s a joke, lol.


    • Haha! And Thank you. Now show us your kilt pic!
      It’s hard sometimes to see them though. I tried offering a bottle of water and a couple of dollars to one lady one hot day (She was new to being homeless and we get the 100+ temps here also) and she refused and yet you could tell she was scared and alone. Broke my heart.


  4. Love the lying beggar story! When I was in college there was a homeless guy that worked the curb outside of the campus 7-11. He was very friendly and took the time to know all of the students’ names and I was very impressed with him. I gave him money all the time. Then one day I saw him…getting into a CAR! With a fist full of McDonald’s bags. For his family. That was decently dressed. I’m 135% sure it was him. Especially by the way he looked at me with guilty eyes. He ruined it for all the beggars I would ever encounter in my lifetime.


    • Yep, see that’s what’s so sad about the whole thing, we just don’t know. I know one thing though, If I’m going to be a beggar, I’m going to Hollywood, some of them make up to $5,000 a week!


      • Holy crap!


      • I know! I keep telling my son, who can’t seem to find a job, that I’m going to take him to Hollywood to panhandle! LOL


      • I think I missed my calling. Maybe I should go to Hollywood, panhandle, write about it the experience and then claim it all as research (after I’ve earned enough to buy a new Corvette of course) 🙂


      • Haha! Great idea and it would all be tax deductible!


      • I saw this one guy they interviewed on some show and he was telling about Paris Hilton handing him a hundred dollar bill because that’s the smallest she had!


      • Must be nice. When I reach into my wallet, the largest bill I have is usually a five. 🙂


      • Must be nice! I have to rob my piggy bank before I go anywhere! LOL


      • Yeah, well, the five is actually in Monopoly money.


      • Oh Rob you got me there! Haha!


      • So what have you been up to Mr. Sharky? I haven’t seen you in a while.


      • I’ve been poking my head in and out of Twitter. I’ve just been busy. I have another “Chumming with Sharky” episode coming on Thursday, too.


      • Awesome, Who is going to be your guest? Or is it a surprise? I will post my Wednesday Wonders sometime this evening so it will be there early tomorrow. And I start CampNaNo tomorrow too. Hope I’m prepared to write 1,667 words per day 🙂 It’s been away. Might have to do some push ups with my fingers !


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