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Monthly Archives: February, 2018

Sunshine Award! (A Draft Post)

Another draft post from June 9, 2013. I had a good day today! Watched The French Open this morning. YAY, Rafa! Congrats! And then I went to a classic’s car show. The Old Farts, That’s the name of their car club! 🙂 Here’s a few of the pictures I took     And it’s my …

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Today I want to talk about writing. Nothing in particular and everything in general. Let’s start with, “write what you know.” New writers hear that all the time. Heck if I wrote what I know, I could probably come up with twenty books depending on the subject or maybe I could eek out a sentence …

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Getting Back To Writing (A draft post)

This draft was started July 22nd. 2012 10:19 a.m. And there was nothing written for it except the title. Wow! A totally blank draft. Okay, guess I really didn’t have anything to say that day. But I can tell you that July 22nd. 2012 was my Uncle Willard’s  75th birthday. Okay, fess up! How many …

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My Middle Son (A Draft Post)

I did a post months ago on my Oldest Son and was reading “My Write Spot” ‘s blog post and it triggered all the memories of my middle son growing up and I knew I needed to do a post on him. My son Adam has always been the “hands on” type of boy. From …

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I have 16 blog post drafts that I had started and never finished. A couple of them date back to 2012! And looking through them, I don’t even know where I was going with some of them. I bet all bloggers have those. Some maybe even more than me. So I decided I would start …

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Time to Rethink (Part 3)

Today I want to talk about chemicals and food, but first here are the most recent photos.     I did have a setback last weekend. Saturday, February third was my 60th birthday! And hey you get to be 60 only once. So what did I do? Celebrate of course! Vince’s Spaghetti and spice cake with …

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Time to Rethink (Part 2)

First, I want to share the new photos. It’s been a week. So what do you think? Do they look any better? Today, I want to talk about diet and the foods we eat. For the most part, I am a vegetarian. I do vege burgers, vege sausage, vege bacon, and vegetarian hot dogs. I could never …

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