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Gary gave me a very detailed review of “The Good Dr. Grant” Wanna read it?

Honest Indie Book Reviews

Let me begin by saying that writing a novel is a terrific achievement. I know, having written one ~ and only one. My hat is off to anyone who can complete a novel.

That said, here is my honest opinion of The Good Dr. Grant by Karen Einsel, a romance which I finished reading this morning.

Despite its title, The Good Dr. Grant revolves around Amy Price, an attractive dog-trainer in her mid-twenties. Dr. Grant Grayson, the new veterinarian, is one of three handsome, eligible young men interested in Amy. The others include childhood-friend, crush and dairy farmer Tom; and ex-husband Kent, a painter-artist.

In addition, there are family members and friends. Karen does a nice job of showing how her characters belong to a social and familial fabric.

Karen describes her main characters well, though some of the supporting players, like Aunt Helen and Grant’s mom and dad…

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  1. Have you stopped by Honest Indie Book Review and read the whole review yet?
    I was quite happy with it 🙂


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