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Monthly Archives: June, 2015

Please Leave a Message After The Beep…

BEEP!!! I can bet that we all have at least one of those family members and friends that love to call just to chat. You know the ones… They tell you the past 6 months of their life story… Even though you just talked to them yesterday… Yeah, them! That’s the ones! See I knew you’d know who I was …

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Update to Reading!


I have been in a funk lately. Can’t seem to write. Can’t seem to get any blog posts done. Haven’t been keeping up with Twitter. And I barely post on Facebook.  And I can hear people saying, “Oh, you sound like you’re depressed.” But I’m not. (I think it’s an aversion to the computer, or …

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026 - Copy

I have read three novels, starting on Christmas day and finishing on new year’s day. A total of 1,111 pages! (I like that number) If I had made any resolutions, one would have been, pace yourself. 🙂 I’d like to attempt reading one novel a week to get caught up, but…We will see how that works …

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