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Monthly Archives: January, 2016

Weekly Planners

Towards the end of last year, I wanted to try something different. I love to be creative. Crocheting, plastic canvas projects, drawing, cooking at times. 🙂 And writing. And sometimes, I like to combine projects, making them uniquely mine. So I decided to create a weekly planner and then another one and I have plans for …

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My Secret Life

Two days ago I wrote a post titled, “I Work” But I’m not just a domestic Goddess. I have a job. I’m a writer. Shh, Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret. Well, at least I try to be a writer. How do the big guys do it? No, really! I need to know. The last …

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I Work!

If you talk to certain people, (My Dad) He’ll say, “Have Karen do it. She’s not doing nothing.” Well, I hate to tell you, just because I don’t work outside the house doesn’t mean I don’t work. Take today, for instance, I’ve made the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, did the dishes, done two loads of …

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