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Monthly Archives: August, 2014

What’s New With…ME!

Last week I put a call out to everyone asking, What’s new with you, and tomorrow the lovely and talented, Emily Guido will be stopping by to share what’s new with her. So, what’s new with me? Hmmm…I live a very boring life, but here goes… I’m still going gray. (Don’t know if that’s a …

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Back Peddling!

Have you ever said the wrong thing? Wrote the wrong thing? Or typed the wrong thing and then hit post, send, or publish? Well, I am a back peddling pro! People say, “There goes that back peddling idiot. Always got her foot in her mouth.” Yep, that’s me! Hey, I might get a little red in …

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What’s New With You?

Okay, it’s promo time! It has been a while since I have done any promotions for others, here on my blog that is. I’m sure you all remember “Show me your Cover” and “Wednesday Wonders“ With the dog days of August coming to a close and the kids back in school (my kids are past …

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In the mail!

Awesome! Look what I got in the mail today! Michelle Proulx sent me some swag! Bookmarks and stickers. Thank you Michelle! You can buy “Imminent Danger” HERE in the US and HERE in the UK Follow her on twitter And check out her website HERE and see what she’s up to.    

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Happy Monday!

I’m here! Oh wow, where do I start! Haha. Well, let’s start with my dad and Jinny. They are doing good. Dad has been getting physical therapy 3 days a week and we are still waiting for the insurance to approve Jinny’s.  Dad says he feels pretty good. No pain and has started doing a …

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