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Monthly Archives: June, 2013

Show Me Your Cover Welcomes Anna Simpson

ABOUT THE COVER: It’s funny how some events unfold. I was telling my son about a scene in my story “Time Piece” and I stopped in mid sentence. There it was. The scene depicted in soft blues and flashes of silver while my main character, Sadie, takes it all in. J Taylor captured the very …

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Please Welcome Dionne Lister to Show Me Your Cover

cropped-cover_full-res dionne

Hi Dionne and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners! Hi Karen, What a great idea for the covers, and you’re right, cover artists do need love. I get asked who mine is all the time and he’s now done a cover for one of my friends as well. I like my fantasy covers to be a …

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Graeme Ing, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Graeme I think yours is the first wrap around cover featured. Tell us a little bit about your cover and who designed it.    I knew that I wanted a wistful image of my main character, Lissa, and I also wanted to capture the essences of the book, namely an ocean of dust, multiple …

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Christina Mercer, Welcome to Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Christina and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners! Please tell us about your cover for “Arrow Of The Mist” I absolutely love my cover! I gave my cover artist, the talented Chelsea Starling, some ideas about trees and fog and offsetting colors, and she turned those into something far and beyond my expectations. I can’t …

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Welcome, Ella Medler to, Show Me Your Cover!


Hi Ella and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Please tell us a little about your cover design. The cover was designed by Paradox Book Cover Designs & Formatting – link: http://paradoxbooktrailerproductions.blogspot.com.au/ . It is based on scenes from the storyline and I am very happy with it. Patti Roberts, from Paradox, was very quick and professional, and easy to …

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Amanda Bretz, Show Me Your Cover!

Hi Amanda and Welcome to Karen’ Different Corners.  Tell me how you came about this particular design for your cover.    I found a website that connects self-published authors with book cover designers, selfpubbookcovers.com, [http://www.selfpubbookcovers.com/]. The site has lots of pre-made covers to choose from, and I browsed until I found the one I felt matched …

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Show Me Your Cover, Roy Huff

Hi Roy and welcome to Show Me Your Cover! We’ve had some great covers so far and I know yours won’t disappoint us! Tell us a little about the design and who designed it for you. The design was a concept that I had. I commissioned Damon at Damonza.com to do the work, and it was …

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Janine McCaw, Show me your Cover!

    Hi Janine! And welcome to Karen’ s Different corners. Before we begin I have a confession to make 🙂 We’ve followed each other on twitter for quite a while now and have recently connected on Goodreads, but it wasn’t until you contacted me for, “Show me your Cover” that I realized that the …

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Show Me Your Cover With Jonathan Winn

Please welcome Jonathan Winn who is showcasing his new cover for; Martuk … the Holy Did you design the cover or did you have someone design it for you?    I designed it with Timothy Burch (no website yet), a graphic designer from San Antonio.  As this was his first cover, we really worked side-by-side …

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Sarah Remy, Show Us Your Cover!

Karen,  As promised, here’s the cover for my forthcoming novel, WINTER. Thank you Sarah! I was going to ask when will Winter be out, but reading your blog, I found out that Winter is due out in September. Okay Sarah tells us about your cover and who designed it for you. I knew from the …

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