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Monthly Archives: June, 2014

Continuing to Catch Up!

As my last post was titled, Always Trying to Catch Up,  (You can read it HERE) I have decided that, I WILL NEVER CATCH UP!  So I’ll just go with the flow and do what I can. Samantha asked me how my dad was doing and since I can only post 140 characters on twitter… …

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Always Trying To Catch Up!

Last week I felt like I was ahead of the game. Posting reviews and catching up on reading. (Not so much on writing, but more about that later. ) And then my dad fell. He was done shopping and had pushed his basket out to the car, grabbed his bags, and in a hurry, as …

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All Authors Blog Blitz with “Nicola McDonagh”

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Today we are doing the “All Author Blog Blitz” Please help me welcome, Nicola McDonagh and her beautiful cat, Storm. Nicola will be sharing a post about the CREATIVE USE OF LANGUAGE IN NOVELS  Take it away, Nikki. It’s all yours! About a year ago, I had my first ever book published by Fable Press. …

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What Are You Up To?

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is upon us! Wow, Friday the 13th and a full moon! Howl! I made homemade yogurt for the first time yesterday! Turned out pretty good. I made plain with regular milk 4% fat. I like the plain yogurt because you can add whatever you want to it. I have been …

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“Sneak Preview”

Coming soon to an e-reader near you!  “Stranger at Sunset”     To find out more, stop by Eden’s website! And next week. Eden will be in the hot seat once again, giving us all the juicy details of  “Stranger at Sunset” Till then, Hugs!        

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“Finding Justus” A Review

I read, “Finding Justus” by Amanda Bretz after she shared it on my “Show Me Your Cover”  Blog series. Oh My Gosh! Probably almost a year ago! And I am just getting around to writing the review! In fact, I had started to do a review on it and had saved it as a draft. …

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UGH! I Hate Shopping!

“I’m making a grocery list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s hungry or not. Karen’s going shopping today.” I don’t know about you, BUT I HATE SHOPPING! 🙂 You push the wobbly basket up and down the aisles clutching a list in hand while trying to avoid shoppers on their cell phones (I …

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It’s been a good week!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone! I hope your week is going great so far. My Apple stock split on Monday and has been going up! So that’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not  good at the stock market like my dad. He’s a whiz at it.  And I only had one share …

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A Review of “The Change”

I am so behind today, but I wanted to share a quick review with you. “The Change”  by Carolyn Moncel This is a short story of a 55 year old woman going through menopause and married to a jerk. Good story. I enjoyed it and gave it a 4 star on Amazon. Just beware the …

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A Review of “A to Z, 10 by 10”

I have had “A to Z, 10 by 10”  in my e-reader for quite a while now and finally had the chance to read it. Donna wrote this book when she was doing the A to Z challenge a couple of years ago. Each flash fiction story pertains to a letter of the alphabet. But …

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