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Context and a Short Story (A Draft Post)

This one was started November 7th. 2013 at 10:00 am

Happy NaNoWriMo!

Well, it’s that time of year again. Time to write a 50,000 word novel in a month. Are you up to it? How’s your word count coming along so far? Me? Horrible!

A few weeks ago I did a post on part one of writing a story- Content– which consists of character, plot, description, and dialogue.

Find it HERE

Today let us look at part two of writing a story. Context, which consists of,  Theme and Mood.

Theme- The theme of your story could be holidays, childhood, life or death…To me the theme could also be considered a genre. Maybe your story is a mystery or a romance. How about a romance at Christmas time, or a murder on the high seas? What do you think theme means in your writing?

Mood- Let’s start with mood. There are plenty of moods to choose from. Happy, Sad, scared, angry, etc. and as you write your story you want your reader to feel all of themTo me, the mood of your story will most likely change throughout the entire book, unless of course, it is a very short story, but even then the mood can go from excited and scared to disappointment or relief, as in my short story below. So let’s set the mood and go from there!

Hide and Seek

   The air is heavy and humid as I crouch next to the tree. Looking up through the branches I can see the dark thunderous clouds moving in and blocking out the late afternoon sun. Darkness will be upon us soon. The wind whips up and blows the last few orange and brown leaves of the massive oak tree swirling down to my feet. The rumble of thunder startles me and I tick off the mere seconds waiting for the bolt of lightning to flash across the sky. An owl spotting its prey swoops down to my left.

Ten Tips For Surviving NaNoWriMo By  Pieces of April


Not sure if the links work still but you can always check them out. And “Hide and Seek is still sitting in my “Prompted by a Photo” folder.

I still have 11 more draft posts sitting in my draft folder here on my blog. So another one next week.

Till then; HUGS!


Be Creative! Be Unique! Be You!(A Draft Post)

Okay, so here’s another draft post that I am not sure where I was going with it!

It is dated August 28th. 2013 at 10:00 a.m.

But I like the title! 🙂

This link doesn’t go where it should anymore. But it will take you to Marcia A. Richards site. So check it out.


And this next link will take you to the post that was written, but it does state that it is an older post.


Funny, I actually talked about that last week. 🙂

So that’s it for this week’s draft post!

Till next week, Hugs!



Finding Justus, A Review! (A Draft Post)

Okay, it is Wednesday and time for another draft post.

This one was started August 27, 2013 at 9:47 pm.

I have been doing quite a bit of reading the last few days and finished  “Finding Justus” by Amanda Bretz, yesterday.


Finding Justus is the story of a young woman, Justus, who is an interior designer and is engaged to be married to Alex, but a few weeks before the wedding she catches him cheating on her. The wedding is off, but what about the cruise they were to take for their honeymoon? Justus decides to take her best friend on the cruise. Can Justus find herself and open her heart to love again? Read “Finding Justus”, to find out. I really liked this story. The characters and descriptions were  awesome, but I felt that this was a heavy read. Some people call it a slow read.  I love dialogue when reading a book. I like the interactions between characters to show with their words.

Okay, so that’s where I left off.  To sum it up, to me there was not enough dialogue.

One thing I did find really interesting in this story was Justus’ back history. My grandmother on my dad’s side went through the same thing! LOL.

And one other thing, “Finding Justus” is no longer listed on Amazon. 

Okay then. Same time next week?

Hugs till then!

Sunshine Award! (A Draft Post)

Another draft post from June 9, 2013.

I had a good day today! Watched The French Open this morning. YAY, Rafa! Congrats! And then I went to a classic’s car show. The Old Farts, That’s the name of their car club! 🙂 Here’s a few of the pictures I took


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And it’s my sister Linda’s birthday today. Happy Birthday Linda! Love you!

I have received 3 blog awards in the past month, wait maybe it’s 4…Hmm…I’ll have to check. Anyway I figured I better get busy and Thank everyone that nominated my blog.

The Sunshine Award from Belinda Witzenhausen

If you want to join in the fun, and continue the process, the rules are to:

(1) Thank the person who gave you the award in your blog post.

(2) Complete the Q&A below in your blog post.

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Favorite Color – Hmm…I don’t really have one, but I do have a favorite color group which would be autumn. I love oranges, browns, yellows, and greens.

Favorite Animal  – Not fair! These are hard questions! 🙂 Well I have 2 dogs and a desert tortoise and I love all 3 of them, but I’ll go with the dog.

Favorite Number –  three

Favorite Non-Alcoholic drink – coffee! No question here.

Facebook or Twitter –   Both. Neither. Depends on what I want to get across and who I want to talk to…And what kind of mood I’m in. 🙂

Your Passion-  Passion at everything I attempt, is my passion!

Giving or Getting Presents – Giving

Favorite Day – Of the week? Of the month? A holiday? I’ll go with Halloween.

Favorite Flowers – Purple iris.

Beautiful Blogger Award From Gary Alan Henson

Thank you Gary I am honored.

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And The Very Inspiring Blogger Award from Nadine Tomlinson

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I think you can see why I didn’t publish when I first wrote this. But I do thank everyone for the awards!

Till next week; HUGS!


Today I want to talk about writing. Nothing in particular and everything in general.

Let’s start with, “write what you know.” New writers hear that all the time. Heck if I wrote what I know, I could probably come up with twenty books depending on the subject or maybe I could eek out a sentence or two. I really don’t know much about nothing. 🙂 But I think you should write how you feel, how you would react, or what would you do? in any given situation. I mean, how many writers have been thrown into the trunk of a car? Raise your hands if you have been? Or snatched off the street into a van filled with maniacs? Chased by zombies? Yeah, I don’t think so. So we have to think about how we would react to any given situation because there are some things we just don’t know.

Like the time I almost ran a guy over who was being chased by a pack of dogs. Lucky for him I hit my brakes and swerved, scaring the dogs back into the field and he made it across the street in one piece. I mean how would you feel if you were being chased by a pack of dogs? I’ve personally never been chased by a pack of dogs but I can imagine his heart was pounding. Maybe wet his pants. Bet he wanted to cry. (I would have) These are things that we can write about even though we have never experienced them.

Moving on.

My niece sent me a PM on Facebook, “I see you have quite a few books out there even a couple I haven’t read! Have you made a lot of money on these? Doing them self publishing?”

Bet you’ve heard that question before and sadly to say, “Nope. I’m one of those starving artists.” I did okay on ebook sales when the books first came out, but you’ve got to keep putting books out there and the last couple of years I think I have been trying to find what fits for me. But I will continue to write. There are a lot of stories in my head that want to be shared.

I was going to talk about ebooks vs paperback but I think I will leave that until next time.

HUGS till then! 


Getting Back To Writing (A draft post)

This draft was started July 22nd. 2012 10:19 a.m. And there was nothing written for it except the title.

Wow! A totally blank draft. Okay, guess I really didn’t have anything to say that day.

But I can tell you that July 22nd. 2012 was my Uncle Willard’s  75th birthday.

Okay, fess up! How many of these types of drafts do you have?

Will share another one next week! Hopefully, it will have a little bit more to it.

Till then, HUGS!



My Middle Son (A Draft Post)

I did a post months ago on my Oldest Son and was reading “My Write Spot” ‘s blog post and it triggered all the memories of my middle son growing up and I knew I needed to do a post on him.

My son Adam has always been the “hands on” type of boy. From the time he was three or four, we had to hide all the tools from him. He’d go in search of a screwdriver or wrench and before you knew it, doorknobs, light switch covers and anything else that could be unscrewed or taken apart, could be found laying on the floor.

When he was five we took him to visit my uncle Willard and Adam spied an open end 1/2″ wrench and my uncle told him he could take it home, but he had to take care of it and if my uncle wanted it back, he had to give it back. Adam has had that wrench for 22 years now and every time my uncle comes to visit he inquires if Adam still has it.

When Adam was 12 he did a science project on model rockets. Put them together, painted and decorated them and then we spent hours on the high school football field shooting them off and trying to gauge just how high they flew. After that he got this crazy idea, take apart the remote control car he had, cut a heavy piece of wood to go under the body, reattach the wheel base, drill a hole in the back end of the wood and insert a model rocket. Let me tell you, that thing practically flew down the street! But it worked! I have a video of it on a floppy disc somewhere, but no computer with a floppy drive. As soon as I can find one, I will happily share!

When Adam was 14 he had been saving up money to buy a car, so we helped him out and he got a 1967 Ford Mustang with no engine or trans. He did odd jobs for everyone in the neighborhood and picked up an old engine and rebuilt it. He then picked up an old used transmission, rebuilt it, but it didn’t work. He ended up trying three different transmissions, before getting the right one. The whole project took him 3 years. He’s had that car for 10 years now and has added more to his projects. One car he bought and had started rebuilding he ended up having to sell, because he had lost his job but someday, I can see him getting another one. Here are the pictures of his three cars. The Mustang and the 1960 Ford Starliner he still has, the 1929 Model A was the one he had to sell. And as soon as I find that video…

This blog post draft was started April 25th, 2012 at 4:16 p.m.

Don’t know where I was going with it, but I am proud of him. As to sharing the photos…Every time I go into ‘add media’ my computer freezes. Haha guess sharing my drafts are not meant to be. 🙂 

And on a final moment; My Uncle Willard passed away on June 2nd. 2016. He will be missed and yes, Adam still has his wrench.

See you next week and till then;

Hugs for a Happy Valentine’s day! And Happy birthday to my sister Joyce!






I have 16 blog post drafts that I had started and never finished.

A couple of them date back to 2012!

And looking through them, I don’t even know where I was going with some of them.

I bet all bloggers have those. Some maybe even more than me.

So I decided I would start sharing one of my drafts, once a week. Maybe you can help me figure out what I was thinking and where I was going. LOL!

And Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 looks like a good day to share the first one!


Till then; HUGS!

Time to Rethink (Part 3)

Today I want to talk about chemicals and food, but first here are the most recent photos.



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I did have a setback last weekend. Saturday, February third was my 60th birthday! And hey you get to be 60 only once. So what did I do? Celebrate of course! Vince’s Spaghetti and spice cake with a layer of caramel frosting topped off with a layer of cream cheese frosting. Yum! And I made it all by myself. Haha!

my cake

On my last post, Pamela commented about eating organic food and yes, organic is good, and growing your own organic fruits and vegetables is even better, but no matter how organic you think they are, there are still chemicals in the air, in the water, and in the soil. We can’t get away from chemicals completely. I don’t use chemicals in or around my yard. I haven’t for years, but I can’t stop neighbors from using them. Insecticides, weed killers, people use them. They get in the air and when we finally get that much-needed rain all of those chemicals get soaked into our soil. Because of my dogs and desert tortoise, I only use lemongrass essential oil and water as an insecticide and vinegar and salt as a weed killer.

Chemicals can be found everywhere and in basically everything we use.

My oldest dog, Mitzy (She’s 14 now) had what I thought was an upset stomach. Throwing up basically water all night one night. About 2 hours after we got up she began throwing up blood. Thankfully my Vet is open on Sundays and I rushed her in. The vet gave her a shot to calm her stomach and antibiotics and drew blood. Sending us home with the instructions; clear liquids and plenty of rest. The next day the test results came back and Mitzy had an inflamed pancreas due to too much fat in her diet. I had always fed my dogs dry food with a small amount of canned food mixed in. Since then I have changed their diet drastically. I no longer purchase commercial dog food and instead I cook for them 3-4 times a week, a big pot of veges, ground turkey, lentils, barley, and brown rice. They also enjoy low fat cottage cheese and hard-boiled eggs among other things like doggy cookies. Which you can find my doggy cookies recipe in my children’s book, “Kiley Wished for a Puppy” A friend told me, “Your dogs eat better than I do!” Yep, they probably do.

updated cover (2)   Doggy Cookies! Humans can eat them too!DSC_0001

I started to wonder just how many different chemicals we were using day to day in all the different things that we use. Last July I got this urge to try making my own liquid laundry detergent. And there are quite a few recipes out there. I chose washing soda, borax, water, and a 1/3 of a bar of bath soap but since have eliminated the borax since there seems to be a lot of controversy about it. Personally, I am happy with the results and the money you save is a real bonus. The recipe makes three and a half gallons and lasts me two months. And it only costs me $1.50! I use white vinegar in place of fabric softener and I purchased wool dryer balls and essential oils (which I use for almost everything!).

But I didn’t stop there. Do you know how many chemicals are in toothpaste? How about shampoo, air fresheners, cleaning, and beauty products? Believe me, there are way too many and most of them you can’t pronounce. So I set out on a mission to cut back on the chemicals that I use on a daily basis. Toothpaste, who needs toothpaste? I swish with peroxide and brush with baking soda. I quit using shampoo and conditioner. I use baking soda, water, and a few drops of rosemary essential oil mixed together in a bottle to wash my hair followed by white vinegar (in a spray bottle) and then just a rinse with plain water. Using the vinegar after baking soda helps get the right PH balance is what I’ve heard. I haven’t a clue but I have been getting compliments as to how nice my hair looks. In fact, peroxide, baking soda, vinegar, and essential oils are the main staples in my life now.

I, also use organic coconut oil and organic shea butter, along with some essential oils as face and skin moisturizers.

So to sum up this post; we all have our own unique mind, body, and, spirit.  No two of us are exactly alike. I’m not trying to change the world or save it. In fact, I still buy shampoo and toothpaste for other members of my household. I am just trying to limit the chemicals that I use on a daily basis. In fact, I think that’s why my immune system took a holiday. They said, “well she quit using everything we were fighting against so it’s vacation time!” LOL (That’s probably one of the reasons why I got the fungal infection to begin with. Along with stress and diet issues.) I believe though that we all need to be exposed to some dirt, chemicals, and germs to build our immunities against these very same items.

I’m not here to give you advice, except for, do what’s best for you. Talk to your doctor or health care professional, ask questions, do research, and keep a journal. What works for me…well who knows. Maybe I’ll live to be one hundred or…I just take it one day at a time. It’s the best that I can do. It’s the best that any of us can do.

And for the disclaimer; I am not a healthcare professional, nor am I getting paid to sponsor any of the products in my  “Time to Rethink” posts. All opinions in my blog posts are my own.

Hey! Want a sneak peek of the cover for my new children’s book? Well, here it is.


My son, Bobby helped me design it. I got the proofs in the mail today and was hoping to hit that publish button, but am thinking I might make some minor changes to the interior.

We will see. I’ll let you know soon.

Till the next time we meet; HUGS!

And!!! Check out this link. maybe you’ll find something you’d like to try. I know there are a few, I might try.

Do it yourself household products

I had to come back and edit because…I didn’t tell you everything I have been doing for my skin. LOL! That was the whole purpose of my blogs posts! I tried apple cider vinegar but found that it seemed to irritate my skin. Coconut oil seemed to calm it down. So my daily ritual would be to spray the affected area with peroxide and then use a medicated cream for athlete’s foot. I tried both Tolnaftate and Clotrimazole creams. Usually switching back and forth but last week I decided to try another cream called Derman. I use it twice a day and it seems to be working. Not sure if it’s just the cream or a combination of both the cream and a change in diet but I think my arms look better, don’t you?

Okay, now I’m done! LOL! If you have any questions you know where to find me. Have a great weekend everyone.

Time to Rethink (Part 2)

First, I want to share the new photos. It’s been a week. So what do you think? Do they look any better?

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Today, I want to talk about diet and the foods we eat. For the most part, I am a vegetarian. I do vege burgers, vege sausage, vege bacon, and vegetarian hot dogs. I could never be a vegan though. I like honey, cheese, yogurt, and even eggs on occasion. I really don’t get the vegan thing. Whether we consume them or not, cows are still going to give milk, bees are still going to make honey, and chickens are still going to lay eggs. I say we might as well use them.

My biggest weakness when it comes to meat would be pork and I probably eat it about once a month. I love a good pork roast and barbequed pork ribs…Ummm…Now I am getting hungry.

But for good or bad I am a carboholic. I love my carbs! I love my sweets! Which is my downfall when it comes to beating a fungal infection. In fact, when you have a fungal infection you crave sweets and carbs more than anything because they feed the fungus.

I was reading a list of foods to avoid and I’m going to starve!

On that list was sugar  (which is the number one thing to avoid) did you know that sugar causes wrinkles? Yep! Breaks down the collagen in our skin and causes wrinkles. No wonder I look 10 years older than my sisters. UGH! Anyway, back to the list : beer, (I guess that dozen donuts that I washed down with a quart of beer wasn’t such a good idea…) wine, noodles, fruit and fruit juice. Also, legumes, potatoes, yams, and beets. Not to mention dairy products. Yep, I am going to starve to death. I can’t afford to lose any weight. I only weigh 118 pounds as it is.

So what foods are you supposed to eat?

  • coconut
  • garlic
  • oregano
  • pumpkin seeds
  • onions

Yep, I am definitely going to starve to death. With a diet like that, I might as well live on a deserted island.

For the most part, my diet is pretty clean and simple. I don’t drink cow’s milk. I prefer soy, coconut, or homemade almond milk.

I like my coffee black and my green tea iced without sweeteners. I don’t drink soda. I prefer sparkling flavored water. My favorites being, Perrier’s green apple, and Arrowhead’s cucumber melon. And don’t get them confused with those flavored waters you see in the store. Read the ingredients!

I cook 6 nights a week and do takeout once a week. I eat fish, seafood, and chicken. But I am beginning to believe that I am allergic to chicken. Every time I cut up or shred chicken, whether it is raw or cooked, my hands burn and itch. People tell me it’s all the additives. Wait, it’s chicken. There shouldn’t be any additives in chicken. So they tell me to wear gloves when working with chicken. Okay, well that takes care of my hands, but what’s it doing to my insides?

Let us talk about exercise for a moment and then I’ll let you get back to your lives. I don’t have a regular workout anymore. I used to. I would walk two miles a day. Ride my bike back and forth to work. Lift weights, do crunches, etc. I am a very hyper person and have a lot of nervous energy and I still get a lot of exercise, just not the structured kind. I clean house, I do laundry, and I bury dead bodies…err, work in the yard, and I do a lot of pacing. 🙂

You see that blue Suburban parked at the far end of the parking lot? The one that is the farthest away from the store entrance, taking up 4 parking spaces, I may add? Well, that’s mine. And many times I get all the way to the door and realize, I’ve either forgotten my list or the bags. I asked my son, “Why does everyone always want to park by the door?” And he tells me, “Because they are lazy.” I should tell them that they really need to park farther away, but then I couldn’t take up 4 parking spaces. I’ll let them be lazy.

My final thoughts? We are not all the same and one size does not fit all. It doesn’t matter if we are fighting off some kind of disease or just trying to live as healthy as we can, all of our needs are different.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight, get healthier, or just have more energy,  you have to listen to your own body. Keep a food diary for a few weeks. Yes, you want to see what you’ve eaten, but more importantly, you want to know how certain foods affect how you feel. Do carbs seem to give you more energy? Does protein make you feel lazy and tired? Or vice versa? It’s your body. You know how it feels. Feed it good.

Next week another few pics and I will wrap up everything with chemicals.

Hugs till then!




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