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Feel the Love Giveaway Week 2

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, the Feel the Love giveaway prize this week is 5 paperback copies of, “Love is in the Air”

newfront Jul13

Enter for a chance to win one of five copies of “Love is in the Air” A collection of short stories written by various authors.

Just click HERE for your chance to win!

Now for some rules; 

  • You must have an Amazon account to enter. (If you don’t, it’s easy to create one)
  • You must be 18 or older
  • The contest is only open to residents of the 50 US states and the District of Columbia
  • Limit one prize per person and Amazon.com account per giveaway (That means you can only enter once)
  • Giveaway ends on February 14th. 2016 or when all five copies have been given away. Whichever comes first.
  • Sponsor (Karen Einsel) and Amazon reserve the right to modify or cancel the giveaway at any time.
  • No purchase necessary to enter or win
  • All prizes will be shipped to you directly from Amazon
  • If you win a prize, you may not transfer, assign, or redeem the prize for cash.
  • All prizes are final

And to read more details about the rules, click here

And find FAQs here

Good Luck to everyone who enters for a chance to win!

And if you don’t win you can still pick up the ebook in the US HERE for only 99 cents

And in the UK HERE for £0.99

Once again, Good luck and I’ll see you soon! Till then; HUGS!




Feel The Love Giveaway Week 1

It’s that time!

Enter for a chance to win one of five copies of my weekly planner,

“Do Something Nice”

1011919_576077562435125_1823087868_n - Copy (2)

It’s easy to enter. Just click on this link;


And when you get there, click on the box to see if you have won!

And now for some rules…

  • You must have an Amazon account to enter. (If you don’t, it’s easy to create one)
  • You must be 18 or older
  • The contest is only open to residents of the 50 US states and the District of Columbia
  • Limit one prize per person and Amazon.com account per giveaway (That means you can only enter once)
  • Giveaway ends on February 6th. 2016 or when all five copies have been given away. Whichever comes first.
  • Sponsor (Karen Einsel) and Amazon reserve the right to modify or cancel the giveaway at any time.
  • No purchase necessary to enter or win
  • All prizes will be shipped to you directly from Amazon
  • If you win a prize, you may not transfer, assign, or redeem the prize for cash.
  • All prizes are final

And to read more details about the rules, click here

And find FAQs here

Okay, that’s it. Easy peasy! :-)

See you soon and hugs till then. :-)

Weekly Planners

Towards the end of last year, I wanted to try something different. I love to be creative. Crocheting, plastic canvas projects, drawing, cooking at times. :-) And writing. And sometimes, I like to combine projects, making them uniquely mine. So I decided to create a weekly planner and then another one and I have plans for another one, but it is going on the back burner for now.


“Look for the Silver Lining” is pretty basic. You have your weeks; Monday thru Sunday. There are lines to jot down appointments, reminders, etc. for each day. And there are pages at the back to write down your goals, hopes, dreams, etc.

The only writing I really did for this planner was weekly inspirations such as “be kind”, “work hard” that sort of thing, but the main reason I put this one together is that; I hope it inspires you to look for the good in everyone and everything and in yourself. I believe there is good in everything. Even when I look into the mirror and see all my wrinkles, I know they give me character, or make me look like a character. Maybe that evil guy from the old Dick Tracy comic strips…hmmm…And then there are days when I think I have more character, er wrinkles, than Tommy Lee Jones. That can’t be good. But I have to say, I have earned every single one of those wrinkles! (A sense of humor is good, right?) Haha!

You can find, “Look for the Silver Lining” at Amazon.


The second planner, I designed and created is, “Do Something Nice.”


It is also a 52-week planner, but the theme is to encourage you to do something nice for someone else and together we can make the world a kinder place. I’ve included lists of people you can do something nice for and ideas of what you can do. Over the course of a year, a few years ago, I would do something nice for someone once a week.

An example: I was talking to my Avon lady and she asked if my kids were going to take me out to dinner for Mother’s Day. I told her no that I would cook dinner (restaurants are way too busy on Mom’s day) Then I’d relax, spend time with my sons, watch a movie, or read. She told me that no one ever takes her out to dinner, ever. So I went to our local restaurant and picked up a gift card and put it in a card that said, “Thinking of you. Enjoy.” I didn’t sign it or put a return address on the envelope and mailed it to her. I don’t like people thanking me. I like to do things for others and if I don’t want to do it, I won’t. So sending it out anonymously worked perfect!

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do something nice. A card to a friend letting them know that they are special to you. Stopping by the elderly neighbor’s house on your way to the store to see if you can pick them up anything. Holding the door for the person behind you.

We have become a “Me” society and maybe it’s time to go back to the old ways of helping one another. Try it. What’s the worst that can happen? You never know, you might just make someone’s day.  :-)

Note: Both books are available in paperback copies only.

Okay, now for the fun part! I’ve decided to try Amazon giveaway. Have you tried it? Have you heard about it? Find it here.

Well, for the month of February, I’ve decided to have a “Feel the Love” Campaign and will be having a few giveaways through the Amazon Giveaway program.

So make sure to stop by my blog on Monday and enter for a chance to win a copy of, “Do Something Nice.”

Till then: HUGS!



My Secret Life

Two days ago I wrote a post titled, “I Work” But I’m not just a domestic Goddess. I have a job. I’m a writer. Shh, Don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret. Well, at least I try to be a writer. How do the big guys do it? No, really! I need to know.

The last two and a half months of 2015 were hectic, to say the least.

Some of you know that my dad had a mild stroke at the end of September and a week later, my stepmom went into the hospital to have a feeding tube inserted. And two weeks later she was put on hospice.

So, I was out at my dad’s twice a week and when I wasn’t there, I was on the phone. Doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, coordinators, caregivers, family, and dad. And even now, after things have calmed down a bit, I can still find myself on the phone some days for up to 6 hours a day!

But life didn’t think that my load was heavy enough…

My middle son had to go out of town to work for a week, so he dropped off his two dogs for me to doggy sit. :-) Now you would think, hey, that isn’t so bad, but I have 3 dogs of my own and one of mine doesn’t get along with his and on top of that they all think they should be in the house. But with a little creative scheduling… It was actually quite fun.

Dogpile bedtime was a little uncomfortable, though. Haha!


Then on top of that, three weeks after these guys went home, my dog who doesn’t get along, came down with parvo. My fault. Life had been so hectic, I hadn’t gotten her in to get her shots so she spent 4 days at the vets. To top it off, two weeks before Christmas, I caught a virus and was sick for three weeks. (I’m still blaming the guy at the grocery store who was sneezing.)

Even with everything going on, I did manage to design and create two weekly planners, which I will do a blog post for in a couple of days.

The past three days have been relatively good. I am finally getting back to the writing part of my life. In fact, I have been working on a memoir titled, “Dad Called Today” I wrote a blog post months ago telling about a phone conversation that I had, had with my dad and my step-sister Val had said I should write a book about dad’s phone calls and ever since I have been jotting down past conversations on bits of paper everywhere, so…

005 - Copy

This is just a draft copy of the cover. Not sure how it will turn out yet.

I love talking to my dad on the phone even when he’s yelling and cussing me out and defying me, and raising my blood pressure.

I’m not asking for sympathy. Life has detours and sometimes it puts up roadblocks and makes us jump over hurdles to get to where we need to be. And I’m okay with that.

It’s just how does everyone juggle everything and still come out ahead?

I’m open to suggestions! :-)

Tomorrow I’m off to see my dad. Oh, and just so you know they are doing pretty good. Jinny is off of hospice care and getting stronger every day!

See you in a couple of days. Till then, HUGS!


I Work!

If you talk to certain people, (My Dad) He’ll say, “Have Karen do it. She’s not doing nothing.” Well, I hate to tell you, just because I don’t work outside the house doesn’t mean I don’t work. Take today, for instance, I’ve made the bed, cleaned the bathrooms, did the dishes, done two loads of laundry, washed my hair, painted my nails, sorted through paperwork, (That was all finished by 9 a.m.) and since it is cloudy, (My Mom used to call this weather gloomy.) I made some banana, applesauce, bran bread.


Instead of making individual muffins or a bread pan, I like to use a sheet cake pan.

And served with a pat of unsalted butter…Ahhh…Comfort food.


Here’s the recipe!

2 ripe bananas- mashed

1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar

1 and 1/2 cups of oat bran

1 and 1/2 cups of flour

4 Tb. oil

1 and a half tsp.  baking soda

1 and a half tsp.  baking powder

1/2 tsp. salt

Spray pan with cooking spray and preheat over to 350 degrees


Mix all ingredients together. Pour into prepared pan and bake for 25-30 minutes or until knife inserted into bread, comes out clean. If you have an oven like mine (Old and cranky :-)) baking times will vary.

And one other thing I did today…


I put new batteries into my old Furbies! Aren’t they cute? Okay, now off to finish the other half of my To-Do list. Have a great Saturday, everyone.

I’ll be posting again later today or tomorrow morning.

Till thenHUGS!




I complain sometimes. No, really, I do! This sweet, helpful, kind, caring, and compassionate person has a dark side. I usually keep everything inside and then one day…My head just explodes! Haha!

I have been working so hard on creating and designing my weekly journal, “Do Something Nice” And formatting. Oh God the formatting issues! Those are enough to make you bang your head on the desktop. Finally, I got it to my satisfaction, uploaded it, Createspace approved it, and I ordered my proofs.

Here it is… :-)


Cool, huh? Holding your own book in paperback form, no matter if it’s your first or your one hundredth, is an awesome feeling.

So I’m going through it page by page and found a mistake (my own) on one of the pages and I also wanted to tweak the setup. So I fixed my issues and resubmitted it. But first; Here is my, “About the Author” page from the paperback copy; 004

Now Createspace accepted it and approved it, but when I was tweaking my copy to resubmit, I put a space between Amazon.com and my quote beneath it, and I received an email from Createspace that read in part;

“The interior file does not meet our submission requirements for the reason(s) listed below. Please make any necessary adjustments to your interior file and upload it again by logging in to createspace.com.” 

And they go on to say:

“The interior contains text referencing Amazon.com on PDF page(s) 116. If you would like to include an Amazon.com reference, please update this text to include two additional outlets where your title is available, otherwise it will need to be removed.”

UGH! So did they just miss it the first time around? A different reviewer, maybe?

So I changed it to read like this

    “If you would like to order copies of

“Do Something Nice”

for family and friends

you can find her on Amazon, Createspace, and karensdifferentcorners.wordpress.com” 

Yes, it should read; you can find Karen, 

 But I am not changing it again! Well, not unless Createspace doesn’t approve of it again.

Sometimes the hardest part of putting out a book is the formatting and then the waiting. You get it to the point where you think it is near perfect and then you have to wait 24 hours for Createspace to approve it and if they don’t, you have to go through the whole process again, and again, and again…Haha!

Anyway, I’m once again waiting. Only 22 hours to go…Hopefully….

See you soon! Hugs till then.

A Weekly Journal

I have been creating, designing, and formatting a weekly journal that will be available on Amazon and Createspace.

It is a 52 week paperback journal that you can keep to inspire you to “Do Something Nice” And also has weekly inspirations.

My question is: Should I just put it out as a paperback book or also publish as an ebook, and if I do publish it as an ebook, is there a way to make it interactive?

Here’s the cover,


The beautiful purple iris’ are a watercolor painting my sister Val did for me.

The interior will have pages similar to this where you can keep track of your week.


It will retail for $7.95 for the paperback.

So, is there a way to publish it on kindle so that the person who buys it can write in it?



Good morning uh evening and Happy Saturday! Er, Sunday!

Oh heck! Good evening and Happy Tuesday! 

Sorry, got sidetracked :-)

Today I want to talk about disclaimers. Mainly because I have questions and maybe you do too.

You know, that short statement at the front of the novel, the one that goes something like this;

“This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the author‘s vivid imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead are coincidental.”

When I googled disclaimer definition, this is what came up; “a statement that denies something, especially responsibility.” 

I never looked at them as a denying something, but….

I shared a video on facebook the other day and one of my followers came back (All in caps, I might add) that, that wasn’t so and so! I replied that it didn’t matter who it was, it was still horrible and she came back that it shouldn’t be shared because the statement with it wasn’t true, etc. So I googled it and came up with a post on Snopes about it and then went back to my post and stated that as she had pointed out it wasn’t the person mentioned and I gave the link to the Snopes article for others to check it out themselves.  Anyway, I ended up deleting it because nowadays people sue you for just about anything and that’s why we have disclaimers, right?

But is your disclaimer strong enough and appropriate for your book?

For the most part, for fiction novels, the basic disclaimer works fine, but what if your book is a non-fiction or self-help book? Then the disclaimer needs to be more intricate.

I was reading a post by, Angela Hoy. She talks about the importance of a disclaimer and about the need to have the right one. You can read it here.

Oh, that’s right! I have questions. Almost forgot about those.

Do you have a lawyer? I don’t. I have one in the family, but that might be a conflict of interest, even though I’d pay the fees for his time.

Should we have a lawyer?

As I stated up there, people will sue you for just about anything and sometimes it is for the craziest of reasons, and they win!

Being self-published authors, we don’t have all the resources that big named authors have. We don’t have lawyers, publicists, editors, etc. Or big named publishers to stand behind us.

If our work is fiction, I think the basic disclaimer is okay, but…

I have been working on an autobiography of sorts. It’s not a tell all, but more of…My thoughts, opinions, beliefs. Etc. The thing is, it might be controversial. Not intentionally. It’s just not everyone will agree with my thoughts, opinions, beliefs, etc. :-) And even though I’m not giving any advice, should I have it looked over by someone and should I use a more detailed disclaimer?

Okay, last question; I want to use a quote from Mother Teresa in one of my books.  Other authors use different quotes from different people at the beginning of their books. So if I were to use a quote using quotation marks and then her name below it on a blank page at the beginning of my book, do I need anything else?

Okay, your turn! Thoughts? Questions? Ideas?

Hope your week is going great and I will see you soon. Till then: Hugs!

Reading and Reviewing!


I finished reading, “Suppose” by Kathy Steinemann. A lot of great stories in there! Well written. Very unique. If you like short stories and aliens (There were quite a few alien stories) You’ll enjoy “Suppose” I enjoyed it and recommend it. You can find it on Amazon Here and find and follow Kathy on Twitter and her website.

There are also stories in “Suppose”, written by Amber Hayward, A. L. Kaplan, and Donna Milward.

Check it out and until then: Hugs!

Indie Writers, Readers, and Shopping

002 (2)

WOW! This is my 300th Post!

Okay, I’ll start with shopping. I mentioned yesterday that I had to go grocery shopping today. I picked up, tomatoes, green grapes, bananas, strawberries, romaine lettuce, and pichuberries, among other things.  I spent almost $200. Yikes! But with all the fruits and veges being in season and my tortoise wanting to eat… :-)

Anyway, I’ve never had pichuberries before. They are different, but I have to ask, Are they supposed to feel so oily when you rinse them? And are they supposed to have a strong odor, kind of like pesticides? Let me know.

Okay, I have been wanting to share this with you for the past couple of weeks.

The Indie Author and Reader Convention 2015 will be held in Palm Springs, CA

Are you going? I was going to try and go this year, but…But even if you aren’t going, did you know that there are promo opportunities that you can participate in to get your books/name out there?

You can check out the different ones here.

Some items you have to hand deliver. :-(

I have been thinking of putting together a gift basket for one of their giveaways.

Here is another idea that doesn’t cost too much.

Anyway, I just thought this was something you might want to think about or plan ahead for next year.

Have a great weekend everyone. See you next week. And as always, Hugs till then!


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