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Happy Easter!

Just a quick post to wish everyone a wonderful day!

I took some pictures this morning and wanted to share.


One of  My Cosmos Bloomed this morning!


I have been waiting and every time one is about to bloom, a gopher takes it away. :-(

In fact, he took one away right after I took the first picture this morning! Darn Gopher!



I made some candy. I love this recipe, and it is so easy!

009 014

The yellow ones are lemon. The purple are grape. And the pink are strawberry.

You can find the recipe I used here 

(The recipe is for the Valentine ones, but it works the same)

What I do is mix in 3 cups of the powdered sugar and then split the candy into 3 portions. Then place one on a piece of wax paper, add the flavoring of your choice, the food coloring, and then 1/3 cup of powdered sugar and knead it. (You might need a little more powdered sugar to get the right consistency.)

And then I bought some candy too! :-)


Happy Easter from me to you!

Quiet Time

Quiet Time; A time of solitude. A time to be alone with your thoughts  or to be at one with nature.

How do you spend your quiet time?

I spent some time in the backyard today. It’s a great place to hear my thoughts and also all the peace and quiet the world has to offer.

It felt good to feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.

I closed my eyes and could hear the chirping of the birds and the rustle of the leaves on the trees.

Quiet time outside gets you away from the tv and all the indoor noise pollution. No talking. No radio. No buzz of the dryer, nor ticking of the clock.

We should all take some quiet time whenever we can.

I hope each and every one of you have a beautiful Easter and make sure to get some quiet time. It’s good for you!

It was just a “Pin”

When I was in elementary school, maybe fourth grade, a girl I knew came to school one day on crutches and had her foot all bandaged up. And when I asked her what had happened, she had said that she had stepped on a pin and had to have surgery to remove it. Now sometimes when you are a kid, the first thing you think of is envy. Why? Because everyone, adults mostly, were doting on her, but after you got past that streak of envy, you couldn’t help but feel sorry for her.  She couldn’t play during recess. No jump rope. No climbing on the jungle gym, and definitely no tag. And I knew at that point, I never wanted to get hurt, have surgery, or get sick, just to get attention.

Fast forward two years: I was 12 and my sister was pinning up the hem in a dress. Yep, you guessed it. She spilled the plastic box of pins onto the carpeting and yep, I stepped on one with my left foot.  My mom looked at the small pin prick of blood and told me to just pour some peroxide on it and I’d be fine. The thing is, the only pin we found on the floor was a broken one….

Fast Forward 4 more years: My neighbor, Lisa, and I were standing on the curb waiting for my mom to pick us up and I was holding Lisa’s baby. I think he was about 7 or 8 months old at the time. And I stepped off the curb with my right foot and my foot slipped off my sandal and twisted and I went down hard! The baby was okay. He landed right on my lap. Lisa took the baby and asked me what I did and I told her I fell. Now like any good mom, she was making sure the baby was okay, meanwhile I am still on the ground staring at my dislocated knee. OMG! My kneecap is on the side of my leg. I couldn’t bend or straighten my leg and without any thinking I slammed the heel of my hand into my kneecap, popping it back into place. I didn’t go to the doctors, but I wore an ace bandage around it for a couple of days and it was fine. :-)

Now I know you are wondering what does that have to do with the pin, but I’m getting there.

Let’s fast forward one more time: I am 24 and am out hanging up laundry on the clothesline. I have a beautiful Saint Bernard. His name is Ceaser. Ceaser is a good dog, but when he is in the back yard, he has to be on a chain. You see my neighbors antagonize him. They throw rocks at him and will squirt him with the hose. Just so you know, my neighbors were in their 60′s, and most of the time it was the wife. Now I don’t know why she would do those things. Maybe she was scared of his size and no, “Cujo” hadn’t been written yet. :-) Anyway, she came outside while I was hanging the clothes and Ceaser lunged towards the fence and just my luck I was between him and the fence. His chain snagged my ankle and down I went and of course I had to dislocate my knee. Ceaser realized he had knocked me down, so he came over and made sure I was okay. I slammed my kneecap back in place and grabbed onto Ceaser to pull myself up.

After about a week, with my knee still hurting, and my sister scaring me with the story of her brother in law’s knee problems, I decided to go have it checked. In fact, I decided to have both knees checked because the right one had been hurting also.

The doctor x-rayed both knees and my foot, because I had told him it had been hurting also. My knees were fine. No torn ligaments, no arthritis, but my footYep, there it was, that pin that I had stepped on 12 years earlier, but it had broken into 3 pieces and the pieces were no longer cylinder shaped they were now flat and rectangular, and one was working its way into my bone. So needless to say, I had to have them surgically removed.

But you know what? My knees don’t hurt anymore!


“O” is for Ozzy! A to Z Challenge

I’m not the type of person who fawns over celebrities. Never have been and probably never will be, but…

When I was little I had a crush on Bob Hope. Yeah, I know, strange person to have a crush on, but do you want to know what is even stranger? I used to tell people that when I die, I wanted Bob Hope to sing at my funeral.  Come on, I was a little kid with no concept of  death or the fact that he was at least 50 years older than me. (55 to be exact) :-)

And in my 20′s, I thought it would be awesome to invite George Burns to spend Christmas eve with my family. He could sit next to the roaring fire in the wood rocking chair, smoking his cigar.

But for the most part, I believe celebrities are just people, no better than you or I and there are very few that I would want to meet.

Maybe Denzel Washington or Sandra Bullock, or maybe Bill Cosby, or Betty WhiteYeah Betty White. I bet she’s hilarious! And of course Stephen King.

But the one person I wanted to meet and actually got to was none other than Ozzy Osbourne. I know you are asking the same question as others have asked me, “Why would you want to meet Ozzy Osbourne?”  (Typing that actually came out in my sister’s voice since she would be the one to ask me that kind of question.)

And you might think it’s because I grew up listening to him, but not so. I listened to country music, and it was the old school country music of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Loretta Lynn, right up to 1984 and then one of my sisters introduced me to rock. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Prince. I didn’t really know who Ozzy was until about 1996 when my middle son got into the hair bands and head banging rock. How can you not get into it when Metallica, Motley Crue, and Ozzy are blasting throughout the house. :-)

But my favorite songs by Ozzy aren’t all sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. He actually has some really good songs with great lyrics.

Like Mama I‘m Coming Home”

Or, “Dreamer


See You on the Other Side”

I enjoyed meeting Ozzy and you know what? He is a really nice person. :-)










Nothing, Nada, Nil

Nothing. Nada. Nil. No words. No sentences. No structure. No story.

 The characters are having amazing dialogue. The scenes are set and the story is all coming together and yet…

For some reason I just can’t seem to get it written. Everything is coming together nicely, but only in my head.

Ever have that problem?

I can’t say it’s writer’s block, because I know the story. And yet it isn’t exactly procrastination. So what is it?

I sit down at the computer and open my work in progress andNothing. Nothing wants to be written.

I sit down with a notebook and pen andNada. Nil.

So help me out.

What do you do when you stare at your work in progress and yet can’t seem to write anything?


Check out and follow the A to Z Challenge HERE!



“More” A to Z Challenge

We all seem to want more. More money. More time. More sleep. More love. More hours in the day. Just a little bit, or a lot, of ‘more’.

And we always seem to associate ‘more’ with happiness.

If I had more money, I’d be happy. If I lived in a bigger house, I’d be happy. And so on…

But I have never really been a material person. I’m happy with the basics. I hate shopping and I don’t like to spend money. I don’t go out and get manicures or pedicures. I can do those at home. And a basic wardrobe suits me fine, but…

My dad lives 35 miles south of me and my middle son lives 125 miles south of me and I’ve been thinking maybe I could sell my house and move halfway between the two of them. Great idea and the homes are not bad in price at the halfway point, but…

Don’t get me wrong. I have a decent house. Almost 2,300 sq. ft., on almost a quarter acre. And my house is your basic normal house, except that it has a unique den, which is 1,050 sq. ft., by itself, but…

I want more! I have been looking at homes on Zillow and not just at the halfway point, but right down in the same town as my son and…

I started looking at houses in the $250,000 range and then on a whimI started looking at houses priced way higher.

I want more! More rooms, more space, a pool and a spa. A tennis court and 5 bathrooms that are bigger than half my house! A guest house for family and friends. Heck some of these houses have laundry rooms bigger than my living room. Some have libraries and home theaters. Some have lofts and 3 stories. The possibilities are endless…

I posted a photo and link of a house on my son’s facebook wall and my niece commented, “Are you moving?”

No, just wishing or maybe dreaming. They say if you are going to dream, dream big, and yet on the other hand; Be Careful what you wish for.

Besides, with ‘more’ you get: More problems, more responsibilities, more work, and you definitely have to spend more money.

That’s my ‘more’. What’s yours?




“L” is for Love

Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is 38 today. Last year I had written a poem and have submitted it to a couple of poetry contests and even to “Chicken Soup for the Soul’s  Miracles” edition, but alas it wasn’t accepted. So I said, “What the heck. I’ll share it with family and friends. I hope you enjoy it. I’m not a poet, but it comes from the heart, and even though it might not be perfect, it shows that a mother’s love for her child is the purest love of all.


The Greatest Gift

He gave me the gift of a newborn child
With ten chubby fingers and ten chubby toes

He gave me the gift of a caring pediatrician
Who told me to trust my instincts and that I would be a great mom

He gave me the gift of your first smile, first word, and your first step

He gave me the gift of a hug on your first day of school and a great teacher
Who encouraged your artistic talents and helped you grow

He gave me the gift of the best pediatric oncologist when you were diagnosed with leukemia just three weeks before you turned eleven
A doctor who put his palm on my forehead as I started to cry, telling me,
“If I could heal him like this, I would, but I can’t. So you have to be strong and together we will make him better.”

He gave me the gift of strength and love to stay by your side as you suffered through needle pokes, chemo, and hallucinations
He gave me the gift of faith and the courage to treat every day as a new adventure Because we never know what tomorrow might bring

He gave me the gift of a grown child
Happy and healthy and cancer free
Who is loving and generous
Kind and caring

He gave me the greatest gift
You, My Son
And I Thank Him

“K” is for King, Stephen King to be exact!

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Okay it is officially Saturday, April 12th somewhere. :-) Let’s Talk about “K”

I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I have been ever since I first saw “Carrie” on TV, back in the 80′s. See my featured image? That’s my dining room table and those are all books by Stephen King. Believe it or not, there are 72 of them on the table and here you doubted me saying I was a huge fan. Tsk, tsk, tsk. :-) I also have 3 on my Kindle. I was going to post the list of them, but decided against it. So if you want to know which ones I have in my collection, let me know and I’ll email the list to you. :-)

Have I read them all? I believe so. But then againI pulled out “Eyes of the Dragon” last week and realized I had not read it, so I read it! :-)

Since Christmas I have read; “Eyes of the Dragon”, “11/22/63″, and “Doctor Sleep” which is the sequel to “The Shining” None of them scary, per say, but very enjoyable. I had been wanting to read “11/22/63″ because I had heard that it had the worst written sex scene in it. LOL!  Guess Stephen King isn’t noted for his sex scenes. :-) But to be honest, there wasn’t much of a sex scene to even rate. The hero licking the heroine’s lips was a bit odd though.

If you are a Stephen King fan, I highly recommend “Doctor Sleep”

I also read, “The Stephen King Illustrated Companion” by Bev Vincent and it was very interesting.




Check them out. Well, it’s the weekend. See you all on Monday where “L” is about the purest form of love and I will be sharing a poem with you. Have a great weekend everyone!

A to Z Challenge list of Participants!

Just Saying

I read an article yesterday about a woman who cut out all of the sugar in her family’s life, for one year. (Read her article Here) And I applaud her, but I don’t totally agree. Sugar, along with salt, eggs, butter, wheat, and milk, have been a part of our basic diet for as long as any of us can remember.

Just saying…

According to her and how I interrupt what she is saying is that she cut out everything that has added sugar and she was surprised how many processed foods use added sugar. But what I am wondering is: is it just because she cut out the sugar or is it because they are now eating a healthier dietA more basic diet.

I’m just saying that if you cut out processed foods, you are cutting out more than just sugar. You are, deleting dyes, preservatives, and other additives that can’t be healthy, right?

To me sugar and honey are a basic food as long as you buy natural or raw and unprocessed.

Too many times dietitians, nutritionists, scientists, and the FDA lump us into certain categories. And they are always changing their minds! First, we are told not to eat real butter and then we are told real butter is better for us than margarine. And what about avocados and potatoes? Now they are saying avocados are a good fat and potatoes are a healthy starch.

You are either a pear or an apple shape. All apple shaped people will have heart disease and all pear shaped people will have thunder thighs. But that’s not true and not the point. The point is; What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Just because we all have a heart, lungs, kidneys, a brain, etc. Doesn’t mean we are exactly the same. Each one of us has our own unique chemical makeup. It’s like DNA, there are no two exactly the same.

I’m a carboholic. I love my sugar: cookies, cakes, pies, fudge, etc. And I do check my sugar about once a month because diabetes does run in my family. My mom and brother had it, and one of my sisters has it, but they were or are, all apple shaped and I’m a pear shape like my dad.  But I also love fruits and veges. But for me, I can’t handle a lot of meat. Everyone is always saying, eat more protein for energy, but it makes me sleepy and lethargic.

I’m not a dietician or nutritionist, even though I took classes in college. I took in the knowledge that they imparted on us and I drew my own conclusions. And what did I learn? I learned to keep an open mind. That there is no definite right or wrong way, there are just guidelines and sometimes those guidelines can change.

My suggestion: Keep a food diary for a week and write down everything you eat. You don’t have to keep track of calories, just what you ate and basically how much. If you had 3 eggs instead of your normal 2, or you drank 5 cups of coffee instead of 3 pots of coffee :-) Just write down what you consumed, but here’s the catch; At the end of the day you have to record how you felt. Did you have more or less energy? Were you excited or stressed? Did you have a headache or did something make you queasy or feel bloated after you ate it?

I liked her idea, but I don’t agree with her method because she cut out all foods with added sugar, foods that also contained other additives. If you want to try cutting something out and seeing how you feel, such as sugar, then cut out the sugar you are adding to your, coffee, cereal, tea, etc.

Just saying…



“I”ndie Authors

When I started writing in 2011, I had never read any books by Indie authors. In fact the only books I used to read were by Stephen King. (I’m a huge fan, but more on him when we get to “K”)  But since then I have read and enjoyed many new indie books in different genres.

So today I’d like to share a few of the authors and their books.

Richard C. Hale, was the first Indie author I encountered on twitter when I started writing and I have read and enjoyed two of his books so far. You can click on the covers to take you to Amazon and shhh don’t tell anyone, but “Frozen Past” is FREE! :-)


NearDeath101-e1319518611747                                                                    FrozenPastEbook-187x300



Paul Dorset is a wonderful writer and a great person and I have read four of his novels and his book on writing.

Find him on Amazon HERE!

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And another one is Robert Pruneda. Great guy. Great book.


Devils Nightmare Ebook (2)

And last, but not least is, Gary Henry, author of  American Goddesses Gary also does book reviews. :-) (Just Click on his name)


Well, he’s not exactly the last. I have read many more, but my post is getting kinda long, so I will share the photos of the books I have read, in the slideshow below. I loved them all. Each one unique just like the authors!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I still don’t think I have them all in here. :-) And I still have many more to go!  If you get a chance, check them out. There’s something for everyone.

Wow! I finished this post early! Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow! And check out other blogs participating in the A to Z Challenge HERE!


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