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A Review of “The Change”

I am so behind today, but I wanted to share a quick review with you.

“The Change”  by Carolyn Moncel


This is a short story of a 55 year old woman going through menopause and married to a jerk.

Good story. I enjoyed it and gave it a 4 star on Amazon.

Just beware the ending cuts off abruptly.

You can get your copy for FREE! HERE!  on Amazon

Not sure if there is a sequel or not, but I’d like to see how Anne-Sophie’s story turned out.

And in other news! I will be posting a few more reviews before the week is up, so stay tuned.

And on Sunday I will be participating in the “All Authors Blog Blitz” and will be featuring a blog post by

Nicola McDonagh

and I will be doing a guest post on her blog HERE

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