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“Finding Justus” A Review

Finding Justus ebk

I read, “Finding Justus” by Amanda Bretz after she shared it on my “Show Me Your Cover”  Blog series. Oh My Gosh! Probably almost a year ago! And I am just getting around to writing the review!

In fact, I had started to do a review on it and had saved it as a draft. That was on 8/27/2013. Boy am I behind!

This is how my post started:

I have been doing quite a bit of reading the last few days and finished  “Finding Justus” yesterday.

 “Finding Justus” is the story of a young woman, Justus, who is an interior designer and is engaged to be married to Alex, but a few weeks before the wedding she catches him cheating on her. The wedding is off, but what about the cruise they were to take for their honeymoon? Justus decides to take her best friend on the cruise. Can Justus find herself and open her heart to love again? Or will the secret in her past keep her alone and unloved?

And this is how I will finish my review. 🙂

I won’t tell you what the secret is, but I can tell you, that when I found out I was like, “What! Oh my gosh her secret could have come from a page in my family’s history!” So if you want to know what her secret is and find out about a part of my heritage, read “Finding Justus” .

I really liked this story. The characters and descriptions were  awesome, but I felt that this was a heavy read. Some people call it a slow read.  I love dialogue when reading a book. I like the interactions between characters, to show with their words more so than with descriptions. Overall, Amanda did a good job, but there were times that she would drift back and forth between showing and telling. I am giving “Finding Justus” a 4 star, mainly because I liked the story even though it could have used a little bit of editing.

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