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What’s New With You?

Okay, it’s promo time! It has been a while since I have done any promotions for others, here on my blog that is. I’m sure you all remember “Show me your Cover” and “Wednesday Wonders

With the dog days of August coming to a close and the kids back in school (my kids are past that age 🙂 Thank goodness )

I thought we could kick off September with, “What’s new with you?” It’s kind of like that first day back to school and the teacher asks, “What did you do on your summer vacation?”

The topic is your choice. Do you have a new book coming out? Or just released a new novel? Are you having a countdown promotion, or a free day? Maybe you moved to a new house, or painted your old one. Or you went to an exotic place for a vacation. (Hey, we might be writers and authors, but we are still people too, and fans love to know.)

You decide what you want to share.

The rules are simple;

  • One photo
  • One link
  • Wrap it up in 300 words or less

If you want to participate and get a mini promo just email me what you want to share and I’ll start posting, first come, first serve, on the 1st of September.


I’ll post mine next Monday.

I look forward to hearing from you and let your friends know.

Till then; Hugs!


  1. You’re always so helpful, Karen. I am thinking of doing a giveaway on Amazon for my latest novel. As soon as I figure out how I’ll get in touch with you. Thanks for all your support!

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  2. I’ll put something together for ‘Genome’! You’re a peach!


  3. Reblogged this on Vanessa Wester.


  4. I will email, but I don’t have it yet. Roane Publishing is editing my freeread that will be posted on Sept 1st. I’ll contact you with everything when I when I get it I’ve made a note of your email and everything. 🙂

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette



  1. Back Peddling! | karensdifferentcorners

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