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Show Me Your Cover With Jonathan Winn

Please welcome Jonathan Winn who is showcasing his new cover for;

Martuk … the Holy


Did you design the cover or did you have someone design it for you?

   I designed it with Timothy Burch (no website yet), a graphic designer from San Antonio.  As this was his first cover, we really worked side-by-side in making it as unique and memorable as possible.  He’s also doing the art work for the graphic novel adaptation of The Martuk Series (The Wounded King, The Elder), an ongoing collection of Short Fiction based on Martuk … the Holy.
Wow for his first cover he did a nice job. I look forward to seeing the other covers that he’s designing for you.

Blurb from Amazon

In a crowded Left Bank cafe, an immortal man sits, the phantoms crawling near, the heat of their whispers stinging his cheek …and Martuk … The Holy begins.One thousand years before the birth of Christ, a golden god damns Martuk with a kiss. In a land ruled by a wounded king, life everlasting steals his mortality from the bottom of a golden cup. Finally, generations later, a Messiah who has the power to heal breaks under the weight of Martuk’s demons, stumbling to his death defeated by darkness.From his home in modern Paris, he writes, his memories lush, his words evocative. Revisiting his impossible life, he vents his rage and shares his loneliness. From bloody battles with a demon he cannot escape to the ghost of a beauty who haunts him still, this is his story.

“… this is his story.  This is … Martuk … the Holy.”

And the story sounds quite intriguing!
Thank you, Jonathan, for sharing your cover with us!

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