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Monday! Time to Rejuvenate!

Mondays to me, are a new start to a new week, but then why does it say on our calenders that Sunday is the first day of the week?

I’ve always been confused by this. In Biblical times it says God rested on the seventh day and we refer to that day as Sunday, so why is it the start of the week?

Most of us begin our weeks on a Monday. You get up and head to work. And a lot of us grumble about it. “Ugh it’s Monday! Why do I have to do back to work? Ugh! Five days before I get another day off!”

If you’re a stay at home person, like me, Mondays can actually be good. You get the house to yourself. Others have gone off to work and school. You can crank up the radio, listening to the songs you like, you can go for your morning walk, or scrub the floors without having to worry about everyone coming in and wanting to see what they can find to eat in the fridge.

I spent my weekend watching TV. First there were the tennis matches. YAY! Nadal won! And Ferrer really made him work for it yesterday. And I watched The Hulk, Ironman, and Wolverine. So let’s just say I really need Monday’s rejuvenation!

Mondays are a catch up day for me.

First; There were 143 new emails in just one of my email accounts! So I went through them and stopped by various blogs and left comments.

Second: I’m writing my blog post! Hi, here I am!

Third; I get to do some of that housecleaning and it will stay clean for at least a few hours! That is until everyone comes home…

Fourth; I will work out and get myself back on track and since I visited the farmer’s market on Saturday, brings us to…

Fifth; Get out the juicer and Make home made juice. Really need to get back to healthy eating after pigging out all weekend!

Sixth; And last but not least…Continue  editing the first book in my series, “Chris’ Journey Turning Different Corners”

That’s my Monday! How’s yours shaping up? Are you ready to rejuvenate?

And my favorite Monday song? “Manic Monday”  by the Bangles of course!


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  1. Hi Karen, since I work in the golf business our busiest days are on Saturday and Sunday. I am on the admin side, when everyone else takes Monday and Tuesday off, I am in the office on Monday. It is so nice and quiet. I get so much done. Have some solitude before the chaos begins again on Wednesday.


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