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Time to Rethink (Part 2)

First, I want to share the new photos. It’s been a week. So what do you think? Do they look any better? Today, I want to talk about diet and the foods we eat. For the most part, I am a vegetarian. I do vege burgers, vege sausage, vege bacon, and vegetarian hot dogs. I could never …

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Staying Healthy in the Heat

We are only into the second week of April and already experiencing days in the 90’s (F) 30’s (C). It looks like we are going to have a long hot summer this year. I know you have heard most of this before, but…I want to share a few things about staying healthy and safe during …

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Monday! Time to Rejuvenate!

Mondays to me, are a new start to a new week, but then why does it say on our calenders that Sunday is the first day of the week? I’ve always been confused by this. In Biblical times it says God rested on the seventh day and we refer to that day as Sunday, so …

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