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Personalities of Heroes and Heroines

When you sit down to write a new story, How do you choose what your character’s personalities and physical descriptions will be?

What inspires you to make them look like this, or sound like that? Do you draw on people you know, celebrities, or personal traits?

I am working on a new novel titled “The Good Dr. Grant” Not sure I am going to keep that title or not, but for now…

Anyway there are three so called heroes and I have vague pictures in my mind as to how they look, act, and speak.

For Dr. Grant I was thinking this really sexy muscular guy, but…

Well let me show you and you can decide…

I love Chris O’Donnell’s NCIS looks and personality       But…I can’t quite picture him like this!

Do you think this pic

was photoshopped?

When I watch him on NCIS,

I think that if he took his shirt off

he’d have a little pooch of a beer belly

and the beginning of man boobs.

Dr. Grant  is a quiet subdued, never shows his emotions kind of guy, so Chris O’Donnell’s character “Callen” I think would be perfect.

I was reading a news blog from when they announced that Chris O’Donnell would be playing Callen in the series

NCIS Los Angeles, and someone commented, “Seriously? You’ve got to be kidding me, the guy only has like two expressions.”

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