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My thoughts are running amok today and screaming to be let out so this is a continuation of my other blog post, which you can read here,


Have you ever picked up a book, watched a T.V. show, or a movie and just knew the heroine should be with this particular hero and get to the end and she went with the other guy and you are like…”What the…! Why did I even read that or watch that, they just screwed up the whole story!”

I was a big fan of CSI New York and looked forward to Stella and Mac getting together, and then she left! UGH! Ruined the whole show for me. And it was the same for BONES, but I don’t know what they did…Maybe they have a new writer? I don’t know, but I was all for Booth and Bones falling in love, but now that they are together, their love seems weird. It’s like they have a relationship of convenience and not based on love anymore.

And then there is
“Eat, Pray, Love” Which I thought Julia Roberts was excellent in. (I didn’t read the book, but I watched the movie.) And yet the broken hearts that were left behind, bothered me. Yes, I know it worked out, but still…

I tend to write for the heroine. Making her stand out. Her quirks, her style of dress, her thoughts and feelings. And even though the hero is there, he isn’t quite so three dimensional.

So here’s my problem, the new book I’m working on, is going to have not one, but 3 heroes and yet only one can prevail. I don’t know which one yet. But now I am going to have to dig in deeper into the hero characters and pull them to the forefront and make them more 3D and am worried that when all is said and done, will the readers like my choice?

Or are they going to get to the end and say,

“UGH! Why’d she pick him? What was she thinking?”

Just another day in the life of a writer….


  1. 🙂 I think I wrote one of my other character too well so that my beta’s are saying, “Ugh, why didn’t you pick him?” LOL I knew what I wanted but wasn’t feeling it just yet. Now I feel it and need to go back and tweak things so that it falls into place better. That way the reader isn’t hopefully saying that. Although they may still feel torn and wistful for the individual left in the cold. 😦 But that’s what I want.


  2. Hi Debra
    Well this will be the first time that I am using more than one hero and their personalities are all completely different, so we will see what happens! And since it is the first time, I actually sat down and wrote bios for each one. I normally just let their personalities come out as I write. Let me know when your’s is ready to read. I’d love to read it!


  3. I almost always either hate either the hero or heroine in movies. Some books, too. I am sure you will pick the right man for the job in the end because, as you mentioned, you focus heavily on the heroine’s personality. The hero will just have to fall in line with her needs or make way for the next guy! 🙂


    • Oh I hope so! This originally was supposed to be a nice short tried and true love story, but now…
      Never know, I might end up dropping a bombshell in there and she might end up with the least expected or none of them. Eek!


  4. I think a death cage wresting match with the three heros in it? No, ok, probably all ready been done anyway. Seriously Karen I bet if you really thought about it long and hard you do have a favorite amongst the 3 of them.


  5. Oh you are right Peter, I do know who will come out as top dog, but…
    I have added another character, well she’s actually been there from the beginning, but I decided to spice up her part and put in a little competition for my heroine.
    But when all is said and done, the bottom line question will be the same I’m afraid
    “Why did she pick him?”
    Happy Saturday Peter! Hope you are having a great weekend so far!


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