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Guest post by Gary Henry!

Gary dropped by to do a guest post for us today. Thanks for being here Gary and what perfect timing, I am off to make dinner so the blog is all yours!   First, thank you, Miss Karen, you lovely and talented thing, for the opportunity to bloviate on one of my pet peeves in …

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Good Morning and Happy Monday. I just want to write a quick post and share another’s post and then you can get busy doing whatever you have to do! What do you struggle with when you write, edit and revise? Is it dialogue? Plot maybe? Overall storyline? Descriptions? Show vs. tell? I have been working …

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Personalities of Heroes and Heroines

When you sit down to write a new story, How do you choose what your character’s personalities and physical descriptions will be? What inspires you to make them look like this, or sound like that? Do you draw on people you know, celebrities, or personal traits? I am working on a new novel titled “The …

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