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It was just a “Pin”

When I was in elementary school, maybe fourth grade, a girl I knew came to school one day on crutches and had her foot all bandaged up. And when I asked her what had happened, she had said that she had stepped on a pin and had to have surgery to remove it. Now sometimes …

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Nothing, Nada, Nil

Nothing. Nada. Nil. No words. No sentences. No structure. No story.  The characters are having amazing dialogue. The scenes are set and the story is all coming together and yet… For some reason I just can’t seem to get it written. Everything is coming together nicely, but only in my head. Ever have that problem? …

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“K” is for King, Stephen King to be exact!

Okay it is officially Saturday, April 12th somewhere. 🙂 Let’s Talk about “K” I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I have been ever since I first saw “Carrie” on TV, back in the 80’s. See my featured image? That’s my dining room table and those are all books by Stephen King. Believe it or not, there …

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Just Saying

I read an article yesterday about a woman who cut out all of the sugar in her family’s life, for one year. (Read her article Here) And I applaud her, but I don’t totally agree. Sugar, along with salt, eggs, butter, wheat, and milk, have been a part of our basic diet for as long as …

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“I”ndie Authors

When I started writing in 2011, I had never read any books by Indie authors. In fact the only books I used to read were by Stephen King. (I’m a huge fan, but more on him when we get to “K”)  But since then I have read and enjoyed many new indie books in different …

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Staying Healthy in the Heat

We are only into the second week of April and already experiencing days in the 90’s (F) 30’s (C). It looks like we are going to have a long hot summer this year. I know you have heard most of this before, but…I want to share a few things about staying healthy and safe during …

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“G” Words

I seem to be grappling with my writing. (Is that a word?) Sounds strange and yet familiar. I googled the word, Grapple and came up with, ‘A grape combined with an apple.’  No, really! You can read about Grapples here. But evidently that isn’t what I was looking for, so I pulled out my trusty paperback …

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