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“K” is for King, Stephen King to be exact!

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Okay it is officially Saturday, April 12th somewhere. 🙂 Let’s Talk about “K”

I’m a huge Stephen King fan. I have been ever since I first saw “Carrie” on TV, back in the 80’s. See my featured image? That’s my dining room table and those are all books by Stephen King. Believe it or not, there are 72 of them on the table and here you doubted me saying I was a huge fan. Tsk, tsk, tsk. 🙂 I also have 3 on my Kindle. I was going to post the list of them, but decided against it. So if you want to know which ones I have in my collection, let me know and I’ll email the list to you. 🙂

Have I read them all? I believe so. But then againI pulled out “Eyes of the Dragon” last week and realized I had not read it, so I read it! 🙂

Since Christmas I have read; “Eyes of the Dragon”, “11/22/63”, and “Doctor Sleep” which is the sequel to “The Shining” None of them scary, per say, but very enjoyable. I had been wanting to read “11/22/63″ because I had heard that it had the worst written sex scene in it. LOL!  Guess Stephen King isn’t noted for his sex scenes. 🙂 But to be honest, there wasn’t much of a sex scene to even rate. The hero licking the heroine’s lips was a bit odd though.

If you are a Stephen King fan, I highly recommend “Doctor Sleep”

I also read, “The Stephen King Illustrated Companion” by Bev Vincent and it was very interesting.




Check them out. Well, it’s the weekend. See you all on Monday where “L” is about the purest form of love and I will be sharing a poem with you. Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Lainey

    Love Stephen King too! Glad you featured the companion book because I’d not seen that one before, thanks 😉


    • Hi Lainey, I got that one for Christmas and hadn’t seen it before either. I don’t usually read nonfiction (It’s like a biography) but it was really interesting how he gets his ideas and it talks about rejection letters and the different publishers he’s had.


  2. lifelifedeathdeath

    What a great collection! Love him.


    • I just read your post on your blog and I see that you have read the Talisman. Good book. If you haven’t read the Dark Tower series, I highly recommend it


      • lifelifedeathdeath

        I’ve read a lot of SK-books. And the Dark Tower series is really my favourite. Read all of it 2 times, and I think I will re-read it soon 🙂


  3. I don’t usually– or ever– put links in comments, but I read a blog by Jonathan Gunson that have a video of Stephen King and thought of your love of his writing. So, here it is, http://bestsellerlabs.com/no-more-books-stephen-king/


  4. BTW, I don’t read much of Kings works. He scared the crap out of me as a kid and it stuck. But he is one of the great writers of our time and his ‘On Writing’ travels with me.


    • I can read his work, but tend to shy away from the movies 🙂 Too graphic for me. But not all of his stories are really scary. The Eyes of the Dragon, I would recommend to ages 12 and up. It’s about KIngs, Princes, and the evil Magician. If you’ve read Lord of the Rings, you would probably like it. And Shawshank Redemption is another good one.


  5. I’ll admit I love the writer, but some of his work put me off. I didn’t enjoy “Cujo” mostly because I love dogs and his suffering was too much for me. But I think I’ll give “11/22/63″ and “Doctor Sleep” a try. I did enjoy “The Shining.”

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette


    • Hi Anna
      It’s been a long time since I read Cujo and I had my doubts about it, mainly because I love Saint Bernards.


  6. I’m happy you enjoyed my Companion — it was a fun project to work on.


    • Hi Bev
      It was a present I received for Christmas and at first I didn’t think I would enjoy it because it is non-fiction, but you did such a wonderful job putting it together. Not only do I think all Stephen King fans should read it, but aspiring writers could learn a lot about perseverance and to keep moving forward.


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