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Staying Healthy in the Heat

We are only into the second week of April and already experiencing days in the 90’s (F) 30’s (C). It looks like we are going to have a long hot summer this year.

I know you have heard most of this before, butI want to share a few things about staying healthy and safe during the heat of the summer.

Don’t exercise in the hottest part of the day. Get your run in early in the morning or in the early evening hours.

Wear sunscreen.

If you have to be outside, try and find a shady spot, wear a hat, but make sure it’s made of a breathable material that lets heat dissipate.

Eat Light. Lots of fresh fruit and veges. Have sandwiches for dinner. Tuna, egg salad, or lunch meat are all good choices, so you don’t heat up the house. Add a fruit salad or chips and salsa.

Stay hydrated. Drink water or unsweetened ice tea, instead of soda. If you want something with a little flavor, add a wedge of lime or lemon, or squeeze half of an orange in. 

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If you are going to be spending time in your back yard, these help keep you cool.

This fan can be used indoors or out and has an attached mister that can be hooked up to the hose, when used outdoors. 🙂


 Or you can pick up a twist and mist at Wal-Mart for a reasonable price.


Another idea I like are the water gel crystals.

If you sew, you can find craft patterns for them here. They make great headbands and neck coolers. And there is even a pattern for an icy cool pet mat!

And speaking of pets, don’t forget that they get hot too. If they have to be outside, make sure they have shade and a fresh supply of water.

And last but not least, Even if the windows are cracked open and you think you will only be a few minutes  Do Not under any circumstances leave your kids or pets in the car. The interior of a car heats up quickly and children, pets, and the elderly are more susceptible to heat stroke and even death from being in a hot car.

Here’s wishing you all a safe, healthy, and happy summer!


  1. Rebecca Douglass

    Good reminders, though the summer weather pattern here (and it’s been happening already these past few days) is for a thick layer of cool fog to envelop us. Heat stroke is seldom a problem in my town, though it can be only a few miles away!


    • Oh. I would so love some of your weather! We had very little rain this season. We did have a good breeze though today. 🙂


      • Rebecca Douglass

        Not much rain here, either. We may be in the same state?


      • Oh Really? I’m in CA, where are you? 🙂


      • Rebecca Douglass

        I’m also in CA–right by the ocean near SF 🙂


      • Okay well I am on the south end about 60 miles east of LA


      • Rebecca Douglass

        Very hot and dry out there! We like to get out to Anza Borrego or Joshua
        Tree and the Easy Mojave in the spring, when the flowers are out, but haven’t made it for a couple of years. Since there hasn’t been much rain the flowers haven’t been very good anyway (though I hear there were places with a good bloom this year).


  2. Your reminder about not leaving pets or children in the car is so important. It doesn’t take long longer for the interior of a car to reach lethal temperatures. Even if you’re just stopping somewhere for a few minutes, don’t do it! Thanks for the post, Karen.


    • Hi Diana. How are you? I get the what ifs…What if something falls from a top shelf onto my head and I’m knocked out? No one would know my kids or dogs were in the car. Or what if a gunman came in and held everyone hostage and my car is parked right in front, between the police and the gunman in a shootout? Now that’s a scary thought.


  3. All good advice. Personally, I’ve been using my umbrella as a parasol.


    • Many people do, which is good because it gives you so much more coverage from the sun than a hat and you can take it with you everywhere.


    • I stopped by your blog and now follow you as kkrafts. I tried to comment but couldn’t. In fact even though I also have a blogger account, I have been unable to comment on any of blogger blogs. Weird to say the least. 🙂


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