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“G” Words

I seem to be grappling with my writing. (Is that a word?) Sounds strange and yet familiar. I googled the word, Grapple and came up with, ‘A grape combined with an apple.’  No, really! You can read about Grapples here. But evidently that isn’t what I was looking for, so I pulled out my trusty paperback dictionary (Webster’s Dictionary, 1997 edition) and this was what I found:

grapple n. grapnel; grip; contest at close quarters. – v.t. sieze with a grapnel; sieze firmly. – v.i. contend (with), come to grips.

But I thought grapple meant; to struggle.

So I pulled out my 1979 Roget’s College Thesaurus and this is what I found;

grapple, v. siezegrasp, clutch, struggle, contend.

Okay, that’s a little bit better, but I like this one the best;

to deal with a problem. Plain, simple, and explains exactly what I’m grappling with. 🙂

 And then there is this one at Merriam-Webster

So anyway, I’ve been struggling to get a grasp on my ‘g’ words. I was going to share a short story, but I got this far and couldn’t come to grips with where I wanted it to go.

“The Garden Gate”

   The garden gate hung askew on the rusty hinges. Years of the Minnesota weather had not been kind to it. Julie reached down and touched the peeling paint and the memories came flooding back. The gate let out a loud squawk as she pushed it open and stepped into the yard.

Okay, that’s all. 🙂 I’ll work on it and see where it ends up. 🙂

Happy Tuesday everyone! Don’t forget to stop by for tomorrow’s A to Z challenge.  



  1. Yes, to struggle or grapple with an problem is a known term. It is also to wrestle as in a sport, among several other meanings.


    • I knew it was, but when I started looking it up, I kept coming up with sieze and to me sieze means to grab or snatch something and grapple has always meant to struggle.


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