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Review for “Charade at Sea”

About a month ago Eden Baylee sent me an email telling me about her newest novella, “Charade at Sea” She also sent me a $2.00 gift card, but she told me, and I am quoting her.

As a dear friend, colleague, and someone I’ve enjoyed crossing paths with in the past, I’d like to offer you a gift certificate to purchase the book. As you know, marketing is getting more and more difficult, and for now, I’d rather gift a book to someone who may potentially read it, than throw money away at a book promoter.
No obligation to buy, read, or review. Just a gift for you, if not for my book, then for anything else you like.

Now being the dingbat that I am, I clicked buy now on the link and purchased the book before redeeming the gift certificate. But that’s okay because it was money well spent. I enjoyed reading “Charade at Sea”


Charade At Sea

“Charade at Sea” is the third novella that Eden has written for the “Lei Crime Series”

It features Lainey Lee and  Max Scott, who had met (in a previous novella) in Kauai. Max invites Lainey Lee to take a cruise with him and the mystery begins…

Eden has a special way of writing suspense and keeps you guessing as to who the bad guy really is. The novella was well written. A quick read. It has a conclusion. Not really an ending. But has more of an open ended feeling to it, leaving you wanting more. And I did want more, more backstory, that is, so I used that gift certificate to pick up, “A Snake in Paradise” Which is the first novella Eden wrote for the “Lei Crime Series” But more on that next week.

You can find Eden’s Amazon page here along with all of her books. She is a very talented writer so there are quite a few to choose from!

Now I am headed off to buy the second book, “Seal of a Monk” or is it the third and “Charade at Sea” is the second? Oh well, no matter what the order, pick up one today. You won’t be disappointed!

See you in a few days and until then…HUGS!


  1. Karen, thanks so much for your post. What a wonderful surprise! I’m thrilled you enjoyed Charade at Sea. It means a great deal to me as I know you’re an avid and discerning reader. Big hugs, and hope all is well with you and your family, xox

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    • Good morning! Hope you are having a great weekend. I am off to the grocery store. A pastime I don’t enjoy but it has to be done. Talk soon and hugs to you!

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