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Another Review This Week

A few years ago, I picked up  Dad Versus The Grocery Store, by Benjamin Wallace. It was originally titled, “Dumb White Husband vs. The Grocery Store” You can find my short review here. And the ebook is FREE to download! (Just click on the title.)

Recently, I was bored. 🙂 and decided to see what books I have on my tablet and came across,  Dads Versus Zombies by none other than Benjamin Wallace.


Now, I am a big fan of zombies. (I have and watch, “The Walking Dead” on blueray.) My son keeps telling me, “Mom, you’re never going to find out what happened or how it is going to end, because it never ends.” Dang! I’m a big fan of closure and happily ever afters. So I decided to see how Benjamin comes up with a theory as to how the zombies came about and how he would end his story. LOVED IT!

Benjamin has a great sense of humor and he had me laughing out loud throughout different parts of the book. He kept me turning the pages and wanting more. Okay, I have to admit his ending was okay…Kinda cliche, but…I have to give it 5 Stars!

You can check out Benjamin’s Amazon Author page here. He’s got a lot to choose from.

I will have a couple more reviews to post next week, but till then; HUGS!

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