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Review for “Crushed Velvet”

Last year I won a paperback copy of, “Crushed Velvet” by Diane Vallere and last week I finally got around to reading it.

Polyester Monroe has inherited her grandparents fabric store. Getting ready for the grand re-opening Poly, as she is known, has Phil Girard pick up some bolts of velvet that she has had specially made. But when her delivery gets there Phil isn’t the driver and to her surprise she finds Phil dead in the back of the van under the heavy fabric bolts. Genevieve. Phil’s wife is the prime suspect and a friend of Poly’s. Will Poly be able to unravel the mystery and still open her shop on time?

I am giving “Crushed Velvet” a 4 star. I teetered back and forth on the rating from a 3 1/2 to a 4. The plot was good. I enjoyed the story. And for the most part it was well written, but…The details! There were details that just went on and on. Details that weren’t relevant to move the story forward.  Details that bogged down the story. One of the details that has stuck in my mind is about a pillow case. Now if the pillow case turned up missing or the suspect had drooled on it it her sleep and it was confiscated for a DNA sample I could see why the author might give it so much attention, but since it wasn’t relevant to the story I couldn’t care less about what color the flowers were, or if the edging was tatted or crocheted, etc.

Overall, it had some good twists and turns and like I said, I enjoyed the story, but if I was her editor I would have gotten rid of most of the unnecessary details.




I have a lot planned over the next few weeks. More reviews. An update to what I’ve been up to. And a special peek into what is coming up in the near future. So stay tuned and till then; HUGS!


  1. Great to read your review, Karen. Nice to see you back! xo


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