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Final Thoughts on Feel the Love

Hmmm…Where to begin…

First let me congratulate the winner of week 3…

  • Trisha Remacle

I was going to have another giveaway for the last week of February, but…

No. Huh uh.

For week 3, I raised the stakes. I only gave away one item and you had to be the 112th entrant. I also had it set up that everyone who entered had to follow me on Twitter, and even though I did gain new followers on twitter (only 87 new followers and quite a few of those…I am the only person they are following. Yes, they had to create an account on Twitter to follow me and enter the contest), something doesn’t seem right about the Amazon giveaways.

I only shared the link for the giveaway here on my blog. Nowhere else. And yet I only had 12 views for week 3’s giveaway and yet 113 people entered the giveaway. How is that possible?

I shared my blog post on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and yet I only had 12 views of the blog post!

So I won’t be having any Amazon giveaways until I figure out what’s going on.

Have you held an Amazon giveaway? If so, leave a message letting my readers and I know your thoughts.

Okay so no Feel the Love Giveaway next week, but I will be making an announcement for all of my author followers. 🙂 Stay tuned and till then…


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  1. Re: only 12 views – web-searches quote relevant wording. So, for someone searching the pertinent tags, the link was quite possibly available without ever having had to visit your blog. That would be my guess. Some are always looking freebies.

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