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Final Thoughts on Feel the Love

Hmmm…Where to begin… First let me congratulate the winner of week 3… Trisha Remacle I was going to have another giveaway for the last week of February, but… No. Huh uh. For week 3, I raised the stakes. I only gave away one item and you had to be the 112th entrant. I also had it …

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Feel The Love Giveaway Week 3

Contest has ended. We have a winner!   Welcome to “Feel The Love” Week 3!  This week there is only one prize. This adorable Angel statue with a solar powered light-up dove. I love solar powered lights and angels. So I thought this would be a great prize for this week’s “Feel the Love” giveaway! This …

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Winners & Thoughts on “Feel the Love” Giveaway

Some of you have asked that I let you know what I think about the Amazon giveaway so far. So I want to give you my thoughts, but first; Congrats to the winners of week 1. Sonya Burton Cortney Housler Breanna Linda Boyd Megan I hope you are enjoying my weekly planner, “Do Something Nice” …

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Feel the Love Giveaway Week 2

Since it is almost Valentine’s Day, the Feel the Love giveaway prize this week is 5 paperback copies of, “Love is in the Air” Enter for a chance to win one of five copies of “Love is in the Air” A collection of short stories written by various authors. Just click HERE for your chance to win! Now for some rules;  …

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