Treat everyday as a new adventure

I’m Unstuck!

Well maybe not. Just thought I should pop in and say,  Hello!

I thought we could talk about what’s been going on.

What? You say you want to know how the revisions and rewrite is coming along for the first book of Chris’ Journey.

Let’s not talk about that. Or how about books 2 and 3 from Chris’ Journey? Well we won’t discuss that either. 🙂 Even though I am moving forward on all three.

Maybe we can talk about my 5 book series, “The Reincarnations of A.M.B.E.R. Naw

What I really should be doing and talking about is my new book “Judged by the Cover”

I have a cover reveal on Bite My Book  on the 21st of April and I still haven’t decided when it will be released! Yikes! 

(It’s not that I’m not working on all of these, I am, in my head. I am just having a hard time finding the motivation to sit down at the computer and type them up.)

So…What I really want to talk about today is, “Being Challenged”

Not sure that’s worded right, but my meaning is; I believe we all need a challenge to continue moving forward in everything we do in our lives. Give me a mountain to climb, a hurdle to jump over, or an obstacle or detour to go around. I like to be challenged. I want to keep moving forward with my writing. So…

I have started turning the first book of Chris’ Journey into a screenplay. Now you may ask, “Have I ever written a screenplay? Do I even know how to write a screenplay?  And the answer is no and no, but I am learning!

By writing a screenplay, it is also helping me to see where I need to make revisions to the book. I look at it as a way to grow, a way to move forward, and a challenge I can’t resist.

What do you do to challenge yourself? Have you ever thought about writing a screenplay? Don’t know where to begin?

Checkout  http://www.screenwriting.info/

And I really liked this one  http://www.oscars.org/awards/nicholl/scriptsample.pdf

And did you know you can download script writing software for free. I am using Celtx

Here’s to challenges! Go climb that mountain and jump over those hurdles! I challenge you to be the best you can be.

Happy Sunday Everyone!


  1. So very busy– great news, Karen! I may have to try a screen play just for the brain exercise. Without trials what would we write about


    • Hi Dannie! Long time no hear. How are things on your end of the world? I could tell you writing a screenplay is easy, just like writing a novel, but I’d be lying. 🙂 My hat is off to screen writers. Trying to take a 300+ novel and condense it down to less than 125 pages is a challenge in itself. On the other hand, since I like to write dialogue, I’ve had quite a few people tell me I should try writing a screenplay, so here I am! The concept is sooo different. And if I hadn’t written the novel first, there is no way I would attempt a screenplay from scratch.


  2. Happy Sunday back at you. I like a good challenge, but I also like to pick which one. Life doesn’t always cooperate. ::sigh::


    • Hi Anna
      I love a good challenge and love to challenge others and I do like to pick which ones to accept, but then I get mad at myself because I know I should be working on this and not that 🙂 Happy Sunday to you too!


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