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Reviewing The Tube Riders

Not yet…But I am halfway through. This is a long book. 613 pages. It starts out a little slow, but that’s just to set the scene. Once I was past that...Wow!  I have been on the most Amazing roller coaster ride of my life!  There are twists and turns and ups and downs, and loop da loops! I am fully invested in the characters.  I’m rooting for Switch and even have a soft spot for Dreggo.  Not sure how many stars I will give it when I’m finished (depends on how it turns out 🙂 ) But right now it’s looking like a five star. If you’d like to jump on this roller coaster with me, pick up The Tube Riders by Chris Ward and ride the trains with “The Tube Riders

And check out “The Passive Voice” for a great post about “to review or not to review”



  1. Not a fan of the passive voice, but it can be useful when restraint is used. 🙂


  2. Hi Karen, I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. I know it’s bad form to comment on a review but I just wanted to stop by and let your readers know that Tube Riders will be discounted to 99 cents until April 20th. It’s got a big advertising push going on this Monday so by Tuesday it should be flying high in the charts! Tube Riders: Exile (Tube Riders 2) is finished and in revision. It should be published some time in the summer. I’m planning to start writing Tube Riders: Revenge (TR3) in September (when I’m done with the current horror novel) hopefully for a release in summer 2014.

    Okay, back to work …!


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