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It was just a “Pin”

When I was in elementary school, maybe fourth grade, a girl I knew came to school one day on crutches and had her foot all bandaged up. And when I asked her what had happened, she had said that she had stepped on a pin and had to have surgery to remove it. Now sometimes …

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“L” is for Love

Today is my oldest son’s birthday. He is 38 today. Last year I had written a poem and have submitted it to a couple of poetry contests and even to “Chicken Soup for the Soul’s  Miracles” edition, but alas it wasn’t accepted. So I said, “What the heck. I’ll share it with family and friends. …

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Just Saying

I read an article yesterday about a woman who cut out all of the sugar in her family’s life, for one year. (Read her article Here) And I applaud her, but I don’t totally agree. Sugar, along with salt, eggs, butter, wheat, and milk, have been a part of our basic diet for as long as …

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I’m Unstuck!

Well maybe not. Just thought I should pop in and say,  Hello! I thought we could talk about what’s been going on. What? You say you want to know how the revisions and rewrite is coming along for the first book of Chris’ Journey. Let’s not talk about that. Or how about books 2 and …

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Checking in!

I’m just checking in to let everyone know I haven’t forgotten you. 🙂 I had a sneezing attack three days ago, (40-50 in an hour) and burst a blood vessel in my left eye, so I have been trying to limit my staring at the computer screen. I am still working on my POV challenge …

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Perplexed, Procrastinating, and Peeved!

This was originally supposed to be titled;  Wrapping up 2012, But the last couple of months of 2012 have found me,  Perplexed, Procrastinating, and Peeved at myself for procrastinating! Go figure. 🙂 So to wrap up 2012, I want to thank all of my wonderful followers and commentators! These were my top four (I was #1 …

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A Challenge and A Warning

First the Challenge.    Christmas is just a few days away, and I usually have my challenge posted right after Thanksgiving, but wait, there’s still time. 🙂 I know we all have our own struggles and problems, but there are others out there that have it worse, so my challenge to you is to give …

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