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A Challenge and A Warning

First the Challenge.

   Christmas is just a few days away, and I usually have my challenge posted right after Thanksgiving, but wait, there’s still time. 🙂

I know we all have our own struggles and problems, but there are others out there that have it worse, so my challenge to you is to give something back. It doesn’t have to be huge. Here are few suggestions;

  • If you knit or crochet, make a couple of lap blankets or slippers to donate to a convalescent home. (I know short notice, sorry)
  • Buy an extra burger and fries and give to the homeless person on the corner, or pick up a couple of pairs of nice warm socks to give them.
  • Help pass out food at the food bank
  • Bake extra cookies and take them to an elderly neighbor or shut in, and take the time to visit with them.
  • Buy a bag of dog food and give it to the local animal shelter.

Those are just a few ideas. The challenge is to do something that you normally wouldn’t do to help others. I don’t want to know what you did. In fact, don’t tell anyone what you did. This isn’t a challenge to make you look good, it’s a challenge to make you feel good about helping others, and asking for nothing in return.

Now for the warning. Well a warning may be a little harsh, but…


My Christmas cards have been a target of malicious behavior! Yep, you heard me right. My dad called me a few days ago and said, “Where’s my Christmas card?”


“I got the envelope, but it had been slit open and there was no card. You didn’t happen to put a million dollars in it, did you?”

Now, I know what you are thinking, someone got into my dad’s mailbox, But my dad lives in a senior mobile home park, and their mailboxes are in a room that you have to use a code to get into, and then you have to have a key to open your own box, just like at the post office.

Then yesterday, I was talking to my sister, and she told me, the card I sent to my nephew, had also been slit open, and then whoever did it, taped the card to the outside of the envelope. Huh? Why are you targeting my cards? I mean, I am terrible at sending Christmas cards. I buy the cheapest ones, write Merry Christmas, love Karen, throw them in an envelope, put a stamp on them, and Boom! They’re done! LOL.

I just don’t get it. My dad and nephew live 40 miles apart from each other, so there’s no connection there and if the cards were tampered with before they got to the post office, the post office would have stamped them as such, so I’m thinking an inside job. My sister never even received hers.

Wait here’s an update!

I just received  one back from the post office. Here’s a picture and yes the envelope has been cut all the way around. The post office put all 3 pieces into the larger envelope and brought it back to me.




And here’s what the post office said about it



With Christmas being just a few days away, and our economy being so bad; what with so many being out of work, people become desperate. Please stay safe. Don’t leave gifts in your car. (My neighbor’s car was broken into the other day and my dad’s neighbor’s car was stolen last week. We live 35 miles apart, so no connection there.) Remember to lock your car doors, even when you are out driving around.  And when you are out shopping, please be aware of the people around you. Lock your house doors. This is something I have to remind my dad to do. He is so trusting and deaf and anyone could walk in. Please stay safe.

 I won’t be posting again until after Christmas, but will have a New Year’s resolution for everyone before the new year, so…

I wish each and every one of you…

A Very Merry Christmas


  1. I love your challenge.
    Stealing Christmas cards–that’s awful. Makes me wonder if the ones I sent got there.
    Have a wonderful Christmas!


    • Not sure if they are trying to steal the cards, but they are definitely looking for stuff inside 🙂 In fact I just got one back in the mail today and will post a pic of how it looks.


  2. Merry Christmas!


  3. Reblogged this on shereallysaidit.


  4. I’m not the bes of givers but I do try to do something kind or nice for people in need. Great challenge, Karen. Stealing Christmas cards? I wonder if they can afford the stamps. It’s hard times for many people.


  5. I have nominated you for several awards! CONGRATULATIONS!!! Lots of love, Emily


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