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More Books in my Kindle

Here are just a few more books in my Kindle. What’s in yours?

“The Templar Agenda” by John Paul Davis


“Summer With Fidel” by R.G. Lawrence


“The Collective” by Maxwell Cyn


“The Butterfly and The Bull” by Stuart Haddon


“Red Mojo Mama” by Kathy Lynn Hall


“Daniel’s Dream” by Peter Michael Rosenberg


“The Girl Called Christmas” by Simon Poore I just read this one today! Great short story!


And last but not least…

“Storm Rising” by Kenneth Hoss


Still a few more but these should get you started! Happy Reading everyone!

Oh and don’t forget mine…

“Kyle & Kelly” it is just 99 cents right now! Love to hear your reviews!



  1. Karen, I’m seriously thinking about getting a Kindle or a Nook. As I told you before, I really like holding a book in my hand but you did mention something that made think again, because so many authors are offering work for the Kindle. What I like about the Nook (just $10 more) is there is no advertising. Decisions decisions! Enjoy your reading!


    • Good morning Jeannie
      I like holding a book in my hands too, but with so many new books and authors I have been finding, money wise, the ebooks let me buy more. I haven’t gotten the nook or kindle but I have the apps for both downloaded on my computer which let’s me read books from Amazon and Barnes and Noble.


  2. I went and downloaded the Kindle for PC this morning! Woo Hoo!


    • Happy Saturday Jeannie! Just checking to see if you’ve used your kindle for the pc yet and to see how you like it!


      • I have! I spent some time downloading freebies, and I’m reading one of the stories now. I did notice I have to keep the sessions short or I get too stiff but other than that I can see the font just fine, it’s easy to navigate and bookmark too. It’s a good change. How are you doing?


      • I am doing good so far. It’s not quite 7 a.m. here, but I’ve been up for an hour! I’m dog sitting for my son, so the dogs all like to get up real early!
        I have been doing some reading in my kindle for the pc also, but find after being on the computer for hours at a time , my poor old eyes get TIRED! 🙂
        Hope you are having a great day so far!


  3. Congratulations! Try it out and see what you think, It’s good, but I still would rather curl up on my couch with a good paper back book!


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