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Hero and Heroine Personalities/ Help me choose!

I really thought I knew! But am now pulling my hair out trying to decide who Amy should end up with. I haven’t written the ending yet, but do have a couple of different scenarios floating around in my head. So I am asking…Help me out! Vote on both polls and let’s see what we can come up with. So far the poll on how the hero might look, the best friend is winning!

I posted some pictures and a poll as to what the different characters in my new book might look like,

now I want to give you a peek at their personalities and I would like your choice, based on their personalities,

who you think should be Amy’s Hero. And don’t forget to vote for your fave in the other post!

So far, the best friend is winning in the looks department!

Amy (Main Character/Heroine)                                                          

Fun and flirty, Amy is 24 1/2
helpful and kind, Amy’s ultimate
goal in life is bringing out other’s
passionate side.

Dr Grant (Hero ?)

Quiet, reserved, and subdued.

Grant is the oldest of the group  at 28.

He’s reliable, helpful, and can be passionate,

if he’d just let his guard down.

Kent (Amy’s ex husband)                                                                        
Kent is passionate in everything
he does. He comes from a wealthy
family. He’s 26 and a drifter who
follows his heart. He is sexy and funny,
with a good heart and can be generous
to a fault.

Tom (Amy’s Best Friend) 

Tom is the same age as Amy.

He’s sweet, kind and sensitive.

He can be quiet and tends to hone in on others feelings and moods,

always  knowing what to do and say.

Pam (Amy’s rival)
Pam is the youngest at 23.
With an uppity attitude,
Pam wants to be noticed
and the center of attention
She’s also fickle and likes playing
one guy against the other.


  1. Nothing doing! You’re characters are talking back to you, right? You already know who they are 🙂 Happy Writing!


  2. I tried to vote, but it said, “Poll can’t find nounce.” Not sure what that means.

    I pick Dr. Grant. He seems like a challenge, and I like when the heroine has to work a little harder to break through to his personality. Plus, he’s older. I like older guys. 🙂


    • Hmm don’t know why it wouldn’t let you vote, but It’s about time he got a vote! Yeah it’s her passion to find his passion, so he is a challenge!


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