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Even though my last post was about saying good-bye to 2020, I realized there was more about the year that I’d like to put behind me. Most of that post was positive, but there were negatives too. So what better way then to tell you about it and show you.

Sorry about the video being shaky. I hadn’t figured out how to download the footage from my surveillance cameras, so I video taped the video with my cell phone. LOL. And the oops comes in at about 34, 35 seconds.

My neighbor couldn’t decide whose yard to park in. His or mine, so he split the difference. He wasn’t hurt but his car was totaled and he did a bang-up job on my planter, wall, and fence. Literally. This happened right at the beginning of our stay at home orders, so dealing with the insurance was more of a mess than the yard.

My insurance adjuster would not come out because of covid and everything was done through emails, text messages, and video calls. Then she told me she wouldn’t go after my neighbor’s insurance. I had a $1,000 deductible and thankfully, my neighbor paid that. The insurance adjuster sent out a company that they work with to do the estimate and I’m beginning to think my adjuster didn’t even look at the estimate. She sent out a check minus my deductible and said my case was closed. That company wanted two thousand more than what the insurance paid. Evidently, my adjuster thought it was a done deal because she went out of town and didn’t let me know. I finally got in touch with another adjuster and she said she would look into it and call me back within two days and she never called me back. It took almost 3 months to finally get it fixed. Long story short, my neighbor sent a guy over to give me an estimate and he came in just over the amount the insurance paid. And he did a great job.

He took it from this,

To this,

To sum it up…My neighbor was cited for excessive speed and reckless driving. (Yes, I did file a police report when it happened.) When my house insurance policy came up for renewal eight months later they raised my rates. I never did hear back from my adjuster. Two months after they raised my rates, they decided to go after my neighbor’s insurance and found out he didn’t have any. Next time, I won’t file a claim. I’ll do the work myself.

What I’m thankful for is that my dogs were not out in the front yard at the time because they would have been in that very corner barking as the neighbor came up the street.

Oh well,things happen. It’s just a part of life.

Hugs till next time.

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  1. It seems that planter was an excellent idea! We pay so much insurance so we can fight and argue and in the end feel like we just got the wrong end of the stick. The repair and replacement looks great!

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