Treat everyday as a new adventure

Wow, it’s been a year to forget.

I last blogged on March 12, 2020. I completely forgot that I had posted at the beginning of the pandemic. Many of my family and friends have wondered where I’ve been since then. Well let me tell you that I feel like I’ve fallen down a black hole and landed upside-down in the “Twilight Zone” and I bet many of you have felt the same way. So let’s wrap up this past year and hopefully we can move forward.

We faced long lines.

And empty shelves. (Sorry, no pic.) Grocery stores frown upon it and I like to follow the rules. Even though the lady in the dry goods aisle next to me said, “I’ve got to take a picture and send to my sister.”

We made masks. And more masks.

We had stay at home orders and tried to find things to pass the time.

We cleaned our houses top to bottom. Scrubbing floors, walls, ceilings, doors, and more. A friend of mine took it a step further and decided to paint her kitchen, her bathroom, her bedroom, and the sewing room.

We planted gardens.

I grew lentils for the first time. I planted a little over 100 plants and got just under a cup of lentils. LOL!

Heck, if you can’t find the food in the stores, you might as well grow your own. My nephew told me that if we had to rely on what we grew, we would starve before our first harvest.

We faced high prices and still are. Did you know that grocery stores raised all their prices when people started getting the extra $600 a week with their unemployment? It was on the news. Hello! Not all of us receive unemployment. Some of us are on a fixed income.

I cooked and baked.

We didn’t do take out for two months!

Many of us spent a lot of time on the computer. I, myself, spent most of my time working on projects and working in the yard. It’s amazing what you can do with some old lumber, a hammer & nails, and a little paint

I’ve also done some more sewing. I made quilts and pillows for two of my sisters for Christmas. I crocheted slippers for two of my sons and myself. And I did some plastic canvas projects for a friend.

I know this is long, but it’s been a long time coming. I wanted to do this post at the end of 2020 but have done a lot of procrastinating. 2020 has come and gone, and it is time to say farewell. It is a year that we want to forget, but will always remember.

We are finally moving forward. Things are opening up. Kids are starting to get back to school. Vaccines are available. We are still wearing masks and keeping our distance. A new normal, they say.

What will you remember about 2020? What would you like to forget? Are there positives for you? Negatives?

How did you pass the time? Let me know in the comments.

And I will close this out with hugs till next time.


  1. Hi my friend, it’s so wonderful to read your news and know you’ve been busy and creative and keeping well. At least you learned that you didn’t miss your calling as a farmer! I do love your outdoor handy-woman work though. You should definitely go into that as a trade. There are not enough women in carpentry and plumbing!

    As for me, I came back from holiday Feb 2020 and shortly thereafter, things went downhill fast! By mid March, we were under lockdown. We are currently in another stay at home order for a month. Restaurants haven’t had indoor dining for over 300 days and counting.

    Our vaccines are rolling out at a snail’s pace and the patchwork of the roll-out is enough to drive me crazy. I’ve received 1 shot so far. The next one isn’t until July. Add to that all the anti-Asian racism, anti-Black racism, and general turmoil of the conspiracy du jour.

    Over the past year, I’ve continued to blog, write, and I just started an intensive French boot camp course. By the time we emerge from this latest lockdown, I aim to be fluent in French. That’s something to look forward to at least, along with the warming weather.

    I’m grateful for my backyard, health of my family in Canada and the US. I haven’t seen my mom since Nov. 2019 but speak with her regularly. Thankfully she is a spry 79 year old, but I still worry about her since she lives on her own. A week ago, I was pretty down with all the attacks on Asians, especially the elders. I had to hide for awhile and then I got angry and wrote a piece about it for my blog. It helped to put my thoughts down. That my words started a conversation with others made me feel much better. Like you, I hadn’t written a long, serious piece in months and months.

    Hope you continue to stay healthy and happy. Really happy you’re back. 🥰

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    • Hi, Eden! I have so missed everyone. Me, a carpenter? Nah. I love making things with my hands but I am terrible at following directions. I get a vision in my head and just run with it.
      Ahhh…French. It’s a beautiful language, but I wouldn’t have much use for it down here. It is one of the main languages in Canada though, isn’t it? My neighbor is French Canadian and his wife is Cuban. We’ve had our differences of opinions and bumped heads a few times, but they are very sweet.
      I am happy to hear your mom is doing good. I need to check out your blog post. I have been thinking of posting one about hate. Hate is such an awful word and there’s way too much of it in the world. You stay safe.
      Till next time, love and hugs from me to you.

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  2. Joyce

    Love reading this ! It is important to post an keep things written down for Memories!

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  3. Wildduck

    Filled my greenhouse with plants. Had so many mini colored sweet peppers I was giving them away by the dozens. My crop of them wasn’t over abundant but enough. Tomatoes were from the nursery and abundant. I used my on saved seed from mini peppers several kinds of squash,. Store bought seed for sweet williams, saw floe and cosmos. Diller tree petunias. Got several flats of Petunias and all the others spent my early summer planting till I ran out of room giving away so much extra. Then all the watering. Whewww! My Cosmos and straw flowers turned into giants 5 to 6ft tall. And overwhelmed my flower beds. When harvest started I canned and canned and ran out of lids and jars. So I froze and gave away the extra. In between we fished on the ocean then the rivers for Salmon. I flew to Spokane in June to spend a week with my 99 yr old dad on his birthday. I cherished that wk. We stay inside the whole time and I cleaned his house and we had long talks. I felt blessed. My husband’s oldest son came to fish with us abt Sept. And in between he level and rebuilt tge door frame on our shed and did a few other things. He is a carpenter. Then my husband’s daughter and fiance came. We took the fishing during the horrid fires when our sky turned red. Fiance is a house restorer and he put a new roof on our carport and torn off the floor boards on our lower deck and leveled it and the railing frame in the 2 wks they were here. First part of Oct my oldest son who lost his heating air conditioning job in April due to Covid in AZ moved here. Glad to get away from heat. We moved most of his stuff and all my art studio in the poke building into a storage facility and he and husband put new plank flooring on the unfinished floor. We cleaned the room throughly and he moved into his tiny home. We had our first Thanksgiving, Christmas and later New Years and my birthday together since he left home at 19. He found a job end of Jan but has to drive below Bandon 38 miles to work. He bought our car in Feb and we bought a 2018 Honda Accord LT with only 11,000 miles. When we got word the mother of his 3 children was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in her colon,liver and lungs and was dying we drove to San Diego. She died before we arrived but the kids were so glad to have us there with them fir support. We came home soon after. We have had a very wet cold winter and spring but now getting sun so cleaning up the garden and flower beds. This weekend my son and husband put new boards on the deck floor. Yesterday my husband and I put the sealer on. Now to put all the deck plants out and starting again with the tomatoes in the greenhouse but no planting seeds this year. We haven’t done much deep cleaning all year. But now we have painting and cleaning windows inside and out. Haven’t gotten any real house cleaning except dusting and mopping floor. Had no time or incentive for art. Desk top pc went out last summer then my 1 1/2 yr old lap top went out spent 2 months shipping it back and forth for repair that went out a week later. Finally got a refund for a lemon as when I first got it it wouldn’t work out of the box same issue as kater. After 2 wks if review after I said I wanted a new one instead if a 3rd repair they gave me my money back. Highly recommend buying from Costco as Hp only has 1 yr Warrenty and Costco gives extra year. . So big a headache after reprogramming all my programs so many times have a new Lenovo. So yes I want to forget parts of 2929 and I feel like I got little done. Seemed like I was working all year. Anyone want to come clean my house for me???

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    • I grew the sweet mini peppers too! It sounds like you got quite a bit done. And you didn’t even call when you were in San Diego? Or come see me? For shame. 🙂 Love you, sis!


  4. Wonderful post and what a sorry year we seem to have made it through. When the lock downs started I kinda like them to give me some thinking time but that soon grew old and old and old again. I shook a neighbors hand the other day and realized it had been over a year since I have touched someone and I liked it. Things in Florida have been almost normal for several months and things are fine. That is some beautiful work you did with left over wood!

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    • Hi Dannie! Good to hear from you. Florida opened up before we did here in California. In fact, schools are just starting to open and most fast food places still make you go through the drive-thru. I had been making plans for lunch with a girlfriend just before lockdown and finally got to visit with her in October. I said air hug, and she said, “No, real hug.” Haha. As to the wood projects, Thank you. I surprised myself as to how well they turned out and they are really solid.


  5. I have a dozen cloth masks (at least). I wrote two memoirs! Each more than 100,000 words. Three more potted plants indoors, repotting now. Spring is here in Virginia and people are out, talking though socially distanced. Airing our feathers feels good.

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  6. I got into making a lot of masks too, but couldn’t find all the photos I took of them. Haha. You have been busy. Two memoirs? I am impressed. Being on the computer and writing have been the hardest parts for me during the pandemic. I have been in avoidance and procrastination towards them and I really don’t know why. But, I’ll get there. Stay safe.


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