Treat everyday as a new adventure


Today I want to talk about writing. Nothing in particular and everything in general.

Let’s start with, “write what you know.” New writers hear that all the time. Heck if I wrote what I know, I could probably come up with twenty books depending on the subject or maybe I could eek out a sentence or two. I really don’t know much about nothing. 🙂 But I think you should write how you feel, how you would react, or what would you do? in any given situation. I mean, how many writers have been thrown into the trunk of a car? Raise your hands if you have been? Or snatched off the street into a van filled with maniacs? Chased by zombies? Yeah, I don’t think so. So we have to think about how we would react to any given situation because there are some things we just don’t know.

Like the time I almost ran a guy over who was being chased by a pack of dogs. Lucky for him I hit my brakes and swerved, scaring the dogs back into the field and he made it across the street in one piece. I mean how would you feel if you were being chased by a pack of dogs? I’ve personally never been chased by a pack of dogs but I can imagine his heart was pounding. Maybe wet his pants. Bet he wanted to cry. (I would have) These are things that we can write about even though we have never experienced them.

Moving on.

My niece sent me a PM on Facebook, “I see you have quite a few books out there even a couple I haven’t read! Have you made a lot of money on these? Doing them self publishing?”

Bet you’ve heard that question before and sadly to say, “Nope. I’m one of those starving artists.” I did okay on ebook sales when the books first came out, but you’ve got to keep putting books out there and the last couple of years I think I have been trying to find what fits for me. But I will continue to write. There are a lot of stories in my head that want to be shared.

I was going to talk about ebooks vs paperback but I think I will leave that until next time.

HUGS till then! 



  1. I hope you continue to write what you want , Karen, and that’s regardless of what you know or feel…sometimes thoughts in your head just need to come out, right?

    Hugs, sweet lady,

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  2. Just keeping writing. I think the money will eventually come. At least that’s what I hope every time I hit the publish button.

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