Treat everyday as a new adventure


I have read three novels, starting on Christmas day and finishing on new year’s day. A total of 1,111 pages! (I like that number) If I had made any resolutions, one would have been, pace yourself. 🙂 I’d like to attempt reading one novel a week to get caught up, but…We will see how that works out. Okay, well on to the three books and what I thought.

But wait! I have to introduce my reading companions.

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First off they were all crime thrillers/mystery novels. Whodunits, so to speak.

First one, “First to Die” By James Patterson.


You know what?  This was the first book that I have read written by James Patterson? I enjoyed it! Now I’ll need to get another one. In fact, I was just reading the Happy New Year email from Mr. Patterson and it had a link titled the only calendar you’ll need this year, and he has 16 books being released in 2015! Geez! That’s a lot. How many are you planning on releasing? 🙂

The second book was, “Joyland” by Mr. Stephen King. 🙂 I wasn’t too sure about this one before I read it, but it turned out to be a fantastic read. It wasn’t scary or gory at all and fell more into a murder mystery category.



And last, but not least I read “Stranger at Sunset” By the lovely and talented Eden Baylee. This was Eden’s first attempt at writing a full length thriller novel.

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I will do the review of “Stranger at Sunset” separately.  You can find “Stranger at Sunset HERE!

And don’t forget to follow Eden here on twitter, and facebook, and her website.

See you soon! And till then, HUGS!



  1. Karen, You’re a doll! And I LOVE Chauncy, Mitzy, and Duggy — You have the best reading companions. They look like they keep you warm and cozy while you’re reading and don’t interrupt you too much (like people can)!

    Hugs, xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yeah, they are pretty good. As long as I don’t give them any attention they stay in their spots. I was wondering if you had seen this post when I read your comment on the updated one. So I figured I better tweet it out.


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