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“F” is for the Flowers

We didn’t really have a winter here this year and spring has seemed to pass us by.  According to weather reports we will be 91F tomorrow and 94F on Tuesday. Summer is here and yet the flowers are just beginning to bloom.

My mom had a green thumb. No matter what she planted, flourished. For me, the only things that seem to grow are succulents, weeds, and hardy plants that pop up just about everywhere. But I wanted to share some of the flowers that withstand my brown thumb.


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 Happy Monday Everyone! Here’s wishing you a week filled with Beauty.

Don’t forget to stop by tomorrow for “G” in the AtoZ Challenge!


  1. Hello. Stopping by from the A to Z Challenge. Beautiful flowers!


  2. Ha, ha. I so relate on the weeds part. My mom, too, a much better flower/planter person. What’s with moms, always being so good at everything? 🙂 Gorgeous flowers. Love the green apple!
    Silvia @


  3. Bueatiful flowers. You would go crazy at my little farm in Thailand. Orchids hanging from mango trees and they take care of themselves


    • Thank you 🙂 Oh I am sure the orchids are beautiful, but I’d be more interested in the mangos! LOL! I love growing fruits and vegetables, but year after year, my brown thumb only has one or two spots of green, meaning that no matter what I plant or how many different varieties, there will only be one or two items that will give me a bountiful harvest. Last year it was radishes and the two years prior, the bell peppers were awesome! The tomatoes, UGH! I’ve been told to have my soil checked and see what it’s missing, but…


  4. Beautiful flowers! That’s one thing we love about living here in Ecuador, flowers all year round!

    Donna B. McNicol
    A to Z Participant


    • Thank you, Donna. We don’t have them year-round here in So. CA but many of them were blooming in Dec. and January. We haven’t had much rain and the temperatures were mild during the winter, so I’m guessing that is way some of them bloomed early.


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