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Review of The Adventures of Cecilia Spark- The Brimstone Forest

Dragons, Witches, and a Talking mouse. Oh my!

brimstone forest cover art 300dpi jpeg

Reading “The Adventures of Cecilia Spark” by Ngaire Elder, brought back wonderful childhood memories of the books I read growing up.

Cecilia is a ten year old girl with a big imagination. With dragon cookies and juice in her backpack, Cecilia and her dog Flurry set off to the backyard on a bug hunting adventure, never guessing that instead of bugs, she would get captured by a wicked witch who owns a mean scary dragon. Who will save her? Get your copy of  The Adventures of Cecilia Spark and find out.

 Ngaire did a wonderful job of  capturing the essence of an imaginary world and a little girl’s big imagination.

This is a great book for kids, ages 9 to 12.

Well, I am currently reading 2 more books from “Judging a Book By it’s Cover” So not sure which one will get reviewed next 🙂

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  1. Wow, what a wonderful surprise, thank you for your lovely comment Karen … and so glad you enjoyed Cecilia Spark’s adventure in the Brimstone Forest.


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