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“Spring into Summer”

Hi Eden

First I want to thank you for letting Karen’s Different Corners help celebrate your new book “Spring Into Summer.

I can’t wait to hear all about it, but first I have a surprise for you. I invited a couple of great guys to come help you promote,

“Spring Into Summer”

Spring into Summer – Release Date: July 9, 2012

Please welcome Maxwell Cynn and Rob “Sharky” Pruneda.
 Hi everyone. I’m so glad you could make it.
  Karen, I’m thrilled to be here. Thanks so much for having me in your corner and with two of my    favorite men too. What a wonderful surprise.

  Karen, thanks for inviting me to the celebration and congratulations on Spring Into Summer, Eden. I love the cover and can’t wait to jump in. I’ve been eagerly anticipating this book since I read your last one, Fall Into Winter.

Thank you so much Max. You’ve been a huge influence on my writing and this book, and I look  forward to revealing the details of that in the weeks to come.

Thanks for inviting Max and I to be special guests to help celebrate the launch of Eden’s new book. I don’t know where Eden found the time to write Spring into Summer while also managing the “Indies Unite for Joshua” campaign, but I suspect she’s really one of many Eden clones and has been duping us all along. In any case, congratulations on publishing your second book, Eden (or am I speaking to .Eden v.2.1?)


 Haha, Sharky, I wish I could clone myself. It would be great to have all the clones    working while I             caught up on sleep!          

  Eden I read “Fall Into Winter” And it was HOT! Can you share a little about “Spring Into Summer” with us?

 My book is a collection of emotionally-charged erotic novellas. Each is distinct, and takes place all around the globe in some of my favorite places. The book description on Amazon will give a summary of each story so I won’t take up space here doing it.  http://www.amazon.com/Spring-into-Summer-ebook/dp/B008IJ4BNM

I don’t know if Eden had anything to do with the 110 degree weather in south Texas, but I’m sure the average body temperatures will be rising as soon Spring into Summer hits the market. I hope all of those folks wearing pacemakers who plan on reading Spring Into Summer have checked with their doctors first! Is there a disclaimer in your book?

  Sharky, I didn’t put a disclaimer, but if I did, it’d be “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” Ha! I love this heat wave and I love summer even as I perspire (all right, sweat, who am I kidding?) in my non-air-conditioned house.

I know you’ve worked hard to get this book out, you are such a perfectionist. It’s taken a little longer than expected, but it’s hitting the market just as a major heat-wave is ravaging the States. Can we blame you for making this the hottest summer on record?

Thanks Max for calling me a perfectionist instead of saying I’m anal, which is really what I am. Hehe. You’re right, I meant to release my book in the spring but serendipity stepped in, and here we are in the heat of summer. I love summer and won’t complain because winter will hit soon enough here in Canada.

I’m a firm believer that things happen when they need to. As Sharky alluded to earlier, participating in Indies Unite for Joshua was much more important than releasing my book in the spring, but I still won’t take the blame for this heat!

Okay now for a question from me…Hmm.. I told Rob I didn’t want to look like a dweeb, so let’s see…

What made you choose the seasons for the title of your book? And which season do you consider yourself?

The seasons were simply a way to unite the stories. Fall into Winter has two stories in each season as does Spring into Summer. I also love wordplay, and liked the double meanings. The imagery of the titles helped create the book covers.

As for my season of choice? Summer, of course. It cannot be too hot for me. 110 degree Texas heat with humidity? Bring it on!

 For those who may have never read erotic novellas before, but may be thinking about taking the genre out for a test drive, what would you tell those readers to expect?

Great question, Sharky. The genre of erotica has come to the forefront of late and many people who’ve never read it have hopped on the curiosity bandwagon. It’s a good thing, but I always maintain that good writing transcends genre. Novellas are short novels that must still have all the elements of a full-length book – introduction, conflict, climax, resolution. Add to it the requirement of eroticism, which for me is the ability to pull in the reader and engage their senses, to make them emotionally invested in the characters and their lives. For me, it’s never just about the sex, though that is a component of the story because it is erotica.

 We all have our favorite stories and characters. Which of the stories/characters in Spring Into Summer is your personal favorite, and what makes that one stand out for you?

 This is a tough one, Max, so I’ll give you my top male and female ones, even though I admit I’m pretty fond of them all.
What makes for a sexy man in my books? Intelligence. The male character of Stephen Taylor in “A Season for Everything” is a composite of many of the wonderful men I’ve met. He’s also a poet, and I’m a lover of poets.
I’m very fond of Sierra Zhao from the last story “The Lottery” because she represents qualities in a woman I admire. It also takes place in Thailand, one of my favorite countries in the world, and the story is the closest to my heart.

 Max mentioned that Spring into Summer took you longer then expected. How long did it take you to write the first draft?

 For my first book, Fall into Winter, there was little expectation from me, so I finished writing it in four months and spent the better part of another five months editing and learning the business.

 Oh wow Eden I didn’t know “Fall into Winter” was your first book.

Spring into Summer took me over a year to write, which seems like a long time, but … c’est la vie. The important thing is I’m happy with the result and I didn’t want to sacrifice quality to get a book out earlier.

 Aside from the potential case of short-circuiting pacemakers, tell us what makes Spring Into Summer a unique reading experience.

I sure hope I don’t short-circuit pacemakers. I know how expensive healthcare can be. 

I suppose readers are the only ones who can answer this. I’ve read authors I’ve admired my whole life. Each has a distinct voice, and it’s that voice that makes me want more of their books. I suspect it will be the same for readers who like my books. I write with emotion, humor, and pepper my stories with eroticism. You will find varying degrees of “heat” in them ranging from sensual to romantic to erotic to 110 degree Texas heat!

 By the time this blog posts I will be devouring Spring Into Summer and preparing my review. What’s next for Eden Baylee, personally and professionally?
Wow, Max, another difficult question, but I wouldn’t have expected any less from you.
I live my days pretty much in the moment. Right now, I’m in promo mode, but I am putting together ideas for a full-length novel. I’m a fan of Charles Bukowski, John Fowles, and Haruki Murakami. Their styles of writing speak to me, and it’s where I want my writing to go—in my own voice of course. Beyond that, I intend to continue learning and improving because I’m in this for the long haul.

 Social media has made the world a much smaller place. Could you share a few words on how social media has changed your world as an author?

Without it, I would not have an audience for my books, or friends who share my love of writing. I spend most of my days alone with my own thoughts swirling in my head. It’s great because I don’t get the office gossip, or people interrupting me, but the life for a full-time author is a solitary existence. You need more than your own thoughts to nourish ideas. Social media allows me to socialize with people from all over the world – wonderful people I would have never met otherwise. They fuel my life, which fuels my writing.

Let’s see if we can get through these last questions without getting an X-rating on my blog 

How do you get into the zone to write erotica?

There’s no better way to write about orgasms than by having many of them myself.

Or maybe, What inspires you?

Many things, but nothing inspires me more than the goodness of people.

And this last one is going to make people groan, but it’s a valid question! 
Did you do any research? Come on now people All writers at some time have to do research!

Of course – I refer back to my response about getting into the zone, and I’ve traveled to all the places I write about. I google things for everything else.

Thanks again, Karen for putting together such a unique forum, and having Sharky and Max here. Adore you all – group hug, please! xoxox eden

No Problem Eden. I had a blast! Hugs back to you!

And I want to Thank both you guys for stopping by and helping me surprise Eden! Hugs!

Thanks for letting me help promote Eden. She’s a doll.   And Thank you Max 🙂

xoxox max   http://maxwellcynn.blogspot.com

      Thanks, Karen! Thank you Sharky 🙂 http://sharkbaitwrites.com/

Eden Baylee writes literary erotica. Her stories are both sensual and sexual, incorporating some of her favorite things such as travel, culture, and a deep curiosity for what turns people on. Spring into Summer is her second collection of erotic novellas.

Website  http://www.edenbaylee.com/
Blog   http://edenbaylee.wordpress.com
Twitter @edenbaylee
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/edenbaylee
Youtube  http://www.youtube.com/user/edenbaylee?feature=watch
Pinterest  http://pinterest.com/edenbaylee/

I also want to Thank all my readers for joining us in Celebrating “Spring Into Summer” with Eden

Please help yourself to some cake and champagne, there’s plenty to go around! Cheers!


  1. Ha! Karen, you’re priceless, love it! Thanks so much for recruiting Sharky and Max for this interview. I had a lot of fun answering all the questions and really appreciate the time each of you took to be here. I know everyone is busy, and your support means the world to me.

    That cake is something else, Karen! I don’t drink champagne, but I’ve got a bottle of 20 year old Scotch I’ll gladly open for the occasion. 😉

    Thanks again — you three warm my heart.



    • Hi Eden! No champagne, well hurry up and open that scotch! I wish you much success on Spring into Summer Eden. After I read it I’ll post a review for both books. Hugs to you!


  2. What a joy to hang out out with three of my favorite peeps to promote such a hot title. I’m not a drinker, but for this occasion I’ll partake in some of that 20-year-old Scotch. Cheers!


    • Good morning Rob! I had a great time and thank you once again for helping me surprise Eden! Hope your day is wonderful!


  3. max

    Great celebration for a special lady! Thanks for letting me hang out. Good luck, Eden. May all your books be best sellers and your inspiration come in endless waves 😉




    • Hi Max Thank you once again for helping me, help Eden to celebrate her new book Spring into Summer. It was a lot of fun. Hope you are having a super fantastic Tuesday. Hugs Karen


  4. Eden huge congrats on the new book. You know how to bring the heat. I loved this kinky foursome…All of you are just hot stuff.


    • Thanks Savannah, next time you must join – you’re the hottest!


  5. justinbog

    Yes, a really keen way to celebrate. I loved the questions, the answers and the people who made this post so much more. Fun fun fun. Congratulations, Eden.


    • Aww, thanks Justin for stopping by . Next time join us and bring extra scotch because we ran out. Sharky went a little overboard. 😉



      • I’ll try to behave myself next time. Oh, who am I kidding? Bring on the keg!


      • Why not! Heck might as well make it two there’s going to be a lot of people here!


  6. I wandered over via Eden’s, where I tend to lurk, after following. What a fun celebration. I just downloaded my copy of the new one, which I plan to devour on the beach next week.


    • So you are headed off to the beach to stay cool and reading Eden’s new book to stay warm! LOL We had a great time and I think it was the perfect way to promote her new book since she does so much for everyone else.


    • Thanks Bianca for connecting with Karen. She’s really fabulous xox


  7. Wow, Karen. How did you get these three great writers to sit long enough to party? I’m smiling at how you bring out the best in them. Eden is my most favorite writer, person, supporter and someone who makes me smile! Max and Rob are two writers I love to read about and hear from. Both of these men have a way with women– must be the way they talk, ha! What a great party and I am so excited for Eden and her newest book! Success could hapen to a better, beautiful writer!


    • It’s that 20-year-old Scotch that Eden brought out. It really gets me going… and I’m not even a drinker! Now where the heck did I put my air guitar?


      • Great job, Rob. Eden could make me try all kinds of thing I don’t normally do– like wearing a kilt, lol


      • How about wearing a kilt while singing “Home on the Range” and playing the air guitar. Just refrain from jumping off the stage.


      • LOL!


    • Dannie, you’re such a babe, thank you for coming to Karen’s site and joining in the comment lovefest. Big hugs, handsome,



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