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An Interview with Eden Baylee (A Draft Post)

Well, here’s another draft post! This one is from June 12th, 2014 at 8:33 pm.

Eden has been a guest on my blog a few times sharing her book, Spring into Summer and has endured the hot seat on my “Wednesday Wonders” and we surprised her with a celebration HERE!

And I just found out that she has written her first novel and it is a psychological mystery.

Okay, that’s where the draft post ends. Now here are my thoughts.

First, her novel is “Stranger At Sunset” In fact, I have my signed copy sitting right here next to me. Loved it!

Eden has always been a big support to me. She’s a wonderful person and a great writer.

And evidently, this post was supposed to be an interview with her. Sorry, Eden.

But I was thinking that if Eden’s not too busy, she might like to do a guest post here on my blog and update us on all the fascinating things she has been up to.

So what do you think, Eden? Are you up for a guest post? Email me at kkrafts58 at gmail.com. 

Okay, that’s it for today and I will keep you posted!

And till next time, HUGS!




  1. Oh Karen, you are too much! I will email you this week. It’s been much too long. xox

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