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WOW! I’m Honored!

I want to thank all of my awesome blog followers.

I am pleased to announce that I now have 500 followers!

Thank you all!

You guys and gals are the best.



The Versatile Blogger Award


 I am honored to accept the Versatile Blogger award from Samantha Bacchus!

And I was supposed to have gotten this posted yesterday. My apologies to Sam and a big Thank you for nominating me for this wonderful award.

 And now for the rules of the Versatile Blogger Award:

Thank the person who nominated you, (as I have above).

Include a link to their blog – click on Smantha’s name (up thereUp Arrow Hand Symbol: Free Graphics, Pictograms, icons, Visuals ...  ) to follow the link to her fantastic blog,

Samantha’s Blog: Living The Write Dream

Nominate 15 bloggers. – I’ll do this at the end.

Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

This is the hard part! I am a simple, uncomplicated type of person, who tends to share all kinds of things about myself all the time and yet I keep my thoughts and opinions to myself (most of the time :-) ) so as not to offend anyone. But I’ll try to come up with a few that you don’t know.

 I’m allergic to metal. Not sure if I was prior to having my ears pierced when I was 18, but that’s when I first became aware of it.

Just carrying change (coins) in my hand or pocket will cause a reaction. Within seconds they start to feel warm and after a few minutes they will leave a red mark that is similar to a moderate sunburn that can last for days. All jewelry has to be either sterling silver or nickel free. One thing that I learned when I had a severe reaction 15 years ago was that many people allergic to metal are also allergic to spandex. Yes, I am one of the many. Do you know how hard it is to find clothes that don’t have spandex in them? Try reading the labels sometime. Bras, underwear, stretch jeans, even socks can have spandex.

I’m afraid of birds and all feathered creatures! Ducks, geese, and chickens are the worst. Maybe it’s because as a child, my family had a pet chicken who hated me and would chase me every time I went outside and would peck at my legs. BrrrGives me the chills just thinking about it. :-)

 I cut and color my own hair. And I have only had my hair cut and colored by a professional stylist 6 times in my entire life.

I’ve been thinking about going gray naturally. What with all the brands and shades of hair color available today, the little old gray haired lady has become a rarity. Heck, even my step-mom who just turned 91 last week still has her hair colored on a regular basis. But I am scared. What if I don’t like it? What if it makes me lookOLD? Guys seem to go gray more naturally than women do and they don’t seem to mind. Is it a society thing? Or are women just more vain?

I have three sons and my middle son is truly a middle son.  My oldest was born on a Wednesday, my middle son was born on a Thursday, and my youngest was born on a Friday, but wait there’s more. My oldest weighed the most, but was the shortest. My middle son fell right into the middle because my youngest son weighed the least and was the longest of the three.

I don’t like wearing dresses. Sorry, but they make me feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. I believe that if you are comfortable with what you are wearing (I prefer jeans myself) you exude self-confidence and self-confidence is way more sexy than a self-conscious, uncomfortable woman in a short dress anytime!

At 5’5″ and a whopping 130 pounds, I’m the biggest in my family. And I have always felt like an Amazon compared to my mom who topped out at 5’2″, both of my sisters at 5’3″, and my brother at 5’4″. I even had an uncle who was a jockey before he was killed in the Korean war. From what I’ve heard he was pretty good, but I never got to meet him. He died seven years before I was born.

And this is hard too! I follow so many wonderful blogs that it’s hard to narrow the list down to 15, but here goes.
















Well, that’s my nominees. I understand that sometimes we are so caught up in our day to day lives that we might not be able to accept the award and that’s fine, I understand completely. When I received an award about a year ago one of my nominees emailed me and asked if I would give the award to a very nice lady whose blog had never received an award. So if you can’t accept please consider paying it forward and nominate a blog of your choice. Just leave their link in the comments section and let them know you have nominated them. Hope you are all having a wonderful week!

Till next time; Hugs!



Continuing to Catch Up!

As my last post was titled, Always Trying to Catch Up,  (You can read it HERE) I have decided that,


So I’ll just go with the flow and do what I can.

Samantha asked me how my dad was doing and since I can only post 140 characters on twitter:-) I figured I’d share an update.

Life is funny sometimes and I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason, so let me catch you up.

Most of you know my dad fell on the 17th of June and it was originally thought that he broke his collar bone, but the last x-ray showed it was his shoulder. Let’s move on to June 20th; My step-mom fell and fractured a vertebrae.

Jinny, my step-mom, is doing okay. Sore and bruised, but she’s in good spirits. She goes to see the doctor on Wednesday. My dad’s neighbor and good friend, Orvil, said he wants to take Jinny for her appointment.

Now Orvil is one of those guys who would give you the shirt off his back, or at least he’d give my dad the shirt off his back. :-) He’s a great guy and a wonderful friend.


Dad had blood drawn and the doctor said everything is perfect, except for the shoulder, dad’s in great health. :-) He must be feeling pretty good because he is getting cabin fever and had one of the caregivers drive him, my step-mom, and the dog to Trader Joes today. :-)


Dad goofing around

Dad goofing around and Orvil is in the middle egging him on.

Anyway, my dad called me last Thursday, June 26th, and said, “Guess what happened?” (Lately this is a very scary question.) “Orvil just came over.”

The first thing out of my mouth was, “Don’t tell me, he’s on crutches.”

“Nope, he fell in the store parking lot and did the same thing as me!”  Dad tells me as he laughs.

I asked him which arm and Orvil’s is the left and dad’s is the right, so I told them they were a fine pair and now they could help each other button their pants!  (Dad had sent me shopping the day before to buy pull on shorts)

I know you are thinking just how horrible this is, but frankly,  the three of them think it’s quite funny.

Now let’s get to the bad part. My step-mom had a series of strokes back in 2005 and since then my dad has been her main caretaker,  except for the few times he was in the hospital, but with his fractured shoulder he can’t take care of her or, drive, or do the dishes, or cook!

Now I don’t know if you know this or not, but caretakers charge anywhere from $10 to $20 dollars an hour!

I was talking to Roxanne on the phone the other day (She organizes which caregivers go where) and she was telling me that there is a board and care in the area that has a bedroom, with a walk in closet, available forWait for itSeven thousand a month. A month! Good God most people don’t even make that much in a month, especially on social security. My dad’s not rich, nor even well to do, but they live comfortably.  They both get social security and dad has a reasonable pension along with a stipend from the Veterans.

BUT $7,000.00 a month!

Okay, I’m done ranting. I told my kids, now I am really scared to get old.

So I am going to have to find someone to live-in. They’d get free board and care and a reasonable salary. Want to know the really scary part? Where do you find a honest, trustworthy person?

Did you read or hear about the lady that was hired to live-in in Upland, CA? And now she won’t leave. If not, you can read about her here. http://www.cnn.com/2014/06/29/us/california-nanny-squatter/index.html

And here

So my advice to everyone is to start saving now.

There is a sliver of silver lining in the clouds though. If you are a Veteran or the spouse of a Veteran there is an Aid and Attendance benefit that you can apply for. You can learn more about it here.  http://www.vetangels.org/

(Sorry this is a jumbled mess, but it’s totally like my thoughts!)

Okay, I‘ll save the rest for another time (Like, How I broke my dad’s computer today) Eek! Shhh, don’t tell dad.

Hugs till then!


Always Trying To Catch Up!

Last week I felt like I was ahead of the game. Posting reviews and catching up on reading. (Not so much on writing, but more about that later. )

And then my dad fell. He was done shopping and had pushed his basket out to the car, grabbed his bags, and in a hurry, as usual, he tripped over the curb.

A Big Thank You to the customers in the parking lot who came to his aid and called the EMT’s.

The ambulance whisked him away to the hospital and he has a fractured collarbone.

He’s in a sling and in pain, but his mood is good and I think, no wait, I know, he loves all the extra attention.

So hang in there with me and I’ll take every day as it comes and keep you updated. I do have a few draft posts that I can share and hopefully will get all my reading done. And maybe, just maybe, this is a good time to catch up on my writing. There just might be a story hidden in all of this. :-)

Till then, Big HUGS to all of you!


All Authors Blog Blitz with “Nicola McDonagh”

Today we are doing the “All Author Blog Blitz”

Please help me welcome, Nicola McDonagh and her beautiful cat, Storm.


Nicola will be sharing a post about the


Take it away, Nikki. It’s all yours!

Concept-3c copy

About a year ago, I had my first ever book published by Fable Press.

“Echoes from the Lost Ones”    a YA  dystopian/sci-fi novel.

I was unsure how people would react to it, because I used a slang-based language to tell my story   from the  heroine’s viewpoint. I took quite a risk writing in this style, but I knew that I wanted to    produce a story that broke  the mould and create a unique world with a unique voice. Below is an    extract from Echoes From the Lost Ones. Our  heroine has been kidnapped by a gang of lustful  youths:

“It was a good job the ‘dult turned up when he did or I’d be but floor pelt for sure. Those teens looked pretty fierce all right, with soil splattered on their cheeks, necks and foreheads; their eyes staring wild and full of threat. Bits of greenery and twigs stuck out from their matted hair and if I didn’t know better, I would think them part tree so much of the forest clung to their bods. Even me, the Roughhouse Champ, would be no match against all of them.

I’m tough but not stupid.

I recognised the one who tried to pinch my choc. He stood opposite me clenching and unclenching his fists. I saw his knuckles turn white each time his fingers bent, and when I caught his eye, he glared back. The others thrust their shoulders forward ready to pounce. I squatted all quick, arms around my head to shield me from a full on attack.

“Pull back ye bulls. Abide by the guidelines,” the ‘dult said and fanned them away with an air swipe. He turned and gestured for me to stand. I did. He walked over, folded his arms and moved his gaze up and down my bod. “Ye, ye are not one of us.”

I slowed my breath so as to appear all-calm like, and answered in a voice without quiver. “Well, nah. Visibly so,” I said, and then brushed some dirt from my pantaloons.

“From Cityplace?”

“Goodly guess.”

“No guess. Ye attire is crafted machine wise?”

“Surely so.”

“Not suited for this rugged terrain.”

“That I am discovering with every shoe weary step.”
“And yer eyes are of that peculiar blue that only the softies have.”

“I am no softie.”

“Perhaps not, but ye resemble them in pale of skin and light of hair.”

The not-so-big ‘dult, for he was no more than a finger joint taller than myself, scratched underneath the filthy pouch that hung around his pleated skirt and said, “Name, girlie.”

I had hoped to end this chittle-chat without resort to mention of my moniker.

“Relinquish yer name or I will let the Nearlys have their frolic.”

“Let them try,” I said and put up my fists again.

“Wirt, what is she called?”

A flimsy looking youth with long straggly brown hair approached and looked between him and me. Then he stared into my eyes, blinked twice and backed away.

“Wirt! Name!”

“Adara,” he said, and hung his head as if in shame.”

As you can see, the language is different from most other YA novels, so I waited for my first reviews with apprehension.  My first one was a 3* and yep, the reviewer didn’t like the language. So I thought, here we go; I’m going to get slammed for daring to be different. Now, I wasn’t actually upset that I got a 3* review!! That’s good isn’t it?  I was actually very pleased indeed. Then I began to get 4* and 5* reviews. Very, very pleased. My experiment with narrative payed off – for the most part. I still get 3* reviews from readers, and they pretty much say the same thing about not liking the language and finding it difficult to read. But, more people enjoy my quirky world and oddly use of English than don’t.


So I say to all who want to try and do something new with language – DO IT! You never know, it just might work.

Why not try using food. Seriously – why not?

I found a tin of spaghetti letters at the back of the under stairs cupboard, a few days out of date and dusty. I don’t remember buying them. I don’t remember ever eating said tinned convenience food in my life. A mystery to be sure. Anyway, I thought the birds might enjoy them and opened the tin. I poured out all the gooey letters and for some reason thought, why not write a Haiku using some of the pasta shapes?

spaghetti haiku copy

My husband joined in and separated the letters – a messy business to be sure. Then we made some toast and began to play around with the pasta. My first attempts were a bit vague, and the poem I really wanted to do, I couldn’t because not all the letters were there.

Haiku I wanted to do:

Poetry from food

Nourishing both mind and gut

A sea of ideas

spaghetti haiku-7

spaghetti haiku-4

But I came up with something in the end.

spaghetti haiku


Well, it was raining outside, andI don’t need to make excuses!

In case you couldn’t quite make out the letters – below the end result:

Snake ‘s’ and moon ‘o’

Ooze and flow upon the toast

Nature’s gibberish

 Okay, that is a bit extreme, but what I’m trying to say is, don’t be afraid to experiment. You never know, you might just end up with a best seller like Anthony Burgess and his novel, A Clockwork Orange. He used language to define the difference between adults and the younger generation. Since my book is set in the future, as is A Clockwork Orange, I began to question why a lot of writers choose not to modify the language they use to create a sense of another time and place. It seems that in the future, vocabulary will remain the same and people will talk to each other exactly the way they do now. Which doesn’t really make sense, does it? The spoken and written word has changed over the years, and most authors have reflected this in their works: from Shakespeare to Bronte, Dickens to Faulkner, and James Joyce to Irvine Welsh. I overheard a conversation between three teenage girls. I texted a snippet of what they were saying to my friend, who has a fifteen year old, and she said that they were talking about a boy that two of them found attractive, but one of them didn’t.

Girl 1:  Yo, see Jay? He gone all tank, well yoked.

Girl 2:  Yeah, he fully gassed narmean?

Girl 3:  Nah, you dutty fam. He’s well piff.

Girl 1: Nah, he FAF.

Girl 3:  Wa, you beefin’ me?

Girl 1:  Wa, you seriously say he butters?

So, if young people talk like this today, wouldn’t it make sense that hundreds of years in the future, people would be conversing with words that are different from the ones we use now?




In his novel, Nineteen eighty-four, George Orwell introduced words and phrases that were not  familiar to readers of that era, to create a futuristic realm where language is used as a weapon to  subjugate the masses: duckspeak, thoughtcrime, bellyfeel, doublethink, and speakwrite. Would it  have been such a powerful read if the author had not employed the use of such evocative words?  Who can forget ‘Newspeak’, or ‘Big Brother’?






In A Clockwork Orange, the use of slang is vital to the narrative to give credibility to this dystopian future. Alex speaks ‘nadsat’ a language that sets him and his friends apart from the rest of society.

“These grahzny sodding veshches that come out of my gulliver and my plott,” I said, “that’s what it is.”

“Quaint,” said Dr. Brodsky, like smiling, “the dialect of the tribe. “



So, bearing this in mind, when I came to write my novels, Echoes from the Lost Ones and A Silence Heard, I made sure that I used words that were appropriate for the world I was creating. Since it is written from the viewpoint of a seventeen- year -old, Adara, in the first person, it was imperative that her voice rang true in order for the characters to maintain credibility in this vision of the future. I created ‘Bubchat’

If you enjoy a read that is different from the usual dystopian/sci-fi novels that are around, then why not get a copy and see if you like my style.

A Silnce Heard cover sml

Still not sure? Check out my book trailers for both novels HERE!

 That was really cool, Nikki.  And you are right how each generation has picked up their own slang. 

To learn more about Nicola and her books, check out the following links

The Song of Forgetfulness website



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 My Blog


And you can find all of Nicola’s books on Amazon

Amazon links:

Amazon Author Page

Nicola’s Novels available on Amazon in the US and the UK

Echoes from the Lost Ones (Song of Forgetfulness) (Volume 1)



 A Silence Heard (Song of Forgetfulness)  



Glimmer   US   UK










Today you can find me on Nicola’s blog for the “All Author Blog Blitz”, where I am comparing Athetes and Authors.

So check it out and if you’d like to tweet about us, please use the hashtags #aabb or #allauthorsblogblitz

And you can find out more about the All Author Blog Blitz HERE!

This was so much fun! Thank you, Nikki, for being my blog buddy!









What Are You Up To?

Happy Friday everyone! The weekend is upon us! Wow, Friday the 13th and a full moon! Howl!

I made homemade yogurt for the first time yesterday! Turned out pretty good. I made plain with regular milk 4% fat. I like the plain yogurt because you can add whatever you want to it. I have been enjoying mine with a swirl of organic honey, but strawberries, blueberries, or granola would be great too. (Next thing I am going to try; Make my own mozzarella cheese!)




Anyway, I thought I’d use this post to catch up with everyone.  What are you up to? Any special plans for the weekend? Are you working on a new book? Promoting one of your books? Or just have a blog post to share? Tell us in the comments and leave a link!

And on Sunday, I will be participating in the All Author Blog Blitz, and Nicola McDonagh will be talking about the CREATIVE USE OF LANGUAGE IN NOVELS. So stop by and check it out. :-)


Till then, Hugs!


“Sneak Preview”

Coming soon to an e-reader near you! 

“Stranger at Sunset”




To find out more, stop by Eden’s website!

And next week. Eden will be in the hot seat once again, giving us all the juicy details of  “Stranger at Sunset”

Till then, Hugs!





“Finding Justus” A Review

Finding Justus ebk

I read, “Finding Justus” by Amanda Bretz after she shared it on my “Show Me Your Cover”  Blog series. Oh My Gosh! Probably almost a year ago! And I am just getting around to writing the review!

In fact, I had started to do a review on it and had saved it as a draft. That was on 8/27/2013. Boy am I behind!

This is how my post started:

I have been doing quite a bit of reading the last few days and finished  “Finding Justus” yesterday.

 “Finding Justus” is the story of a young woman, Justus, who is an interior designer and is engaged to be married to Alex, but a few weeks before the wedding she catches him cheating on her. The wedding is off, but what about the cruise they were to take for their honeymoon? Justus decides to take her best friend on the cruise. Can Justus find herself and open her heart to love again? Or will the secret in her past keep her alone and unloved?

And this is how I will finish my review. :-)

I won’t tell you what the secret is, but I can tell you, that when I found out I was like, “What! Oh my gosh her secret could have come from a page in my family’s history!” So if you want to know what her secret is and find out about a part of my heritage, read “Finding Justus” .

I really liked this story. The characters and descriptions were  awesome, but I felt that this was a heavy read. Some people call it a slow read.  I love dialogue when reading a book. I like the interactions between characters, to show with their words more so than with descriptions. Overall, Amanda did a good job, but there were times that she would drift back and forth between showing and telling. I am giving “Finding Justus” a 4 star, mainly because I liked the story even though it could have used a little bit of editing.

UGH! I Hate Shopping!

“I’m making a grocery list and checking it twice. Gonna find out who’s hungry or not. Karen’s going shopping today.”

I don’t know about you, BUT I HATE SHOPPING! :-)

You push the wobbly basket up and down the aisles clutching a list in hand while trying to avoid shoppers on their cell phones (I feel like I’m driving on the freeway. Yes, I do tend to speed in the store! :-) ) Can’t find what you are looking for, or they are out of your favorite brand, or worse, they raised the price! Yikes! Then you get to the checkout line and go into sticker shock. “What do you mean, $152 dollars and thirteen cents? There’s only 65 dollars worth of food there!” So you put on your sunglasses to hide the tears and purse your lips andKiss that money goodbye.

Yes, I do hate shopping, but I like to eat. In fact, I really do enjoy eating. Healthy things and bad things. Things that are good for you and not so good for you, but…

Well, I am off to the store. Race ya down aisle three! Varrrroommmmm!

Now if the nice grocery store, who always asks me if I would like help out, would come home with me and carry all the groceries into the house and put them away, I’d be in 7th Heaven.

Catch you all later. I’ll be posting another review!

It’s been a good week!

Happy Hump Day, Everyone! I hope your week is going great so far.

My Apple stock split on Monday and has been going up! So that’s a good thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really not  good at the stock market like my dad. He’s a whiz at it.  And I only had one share to begin with, butIt’s kinda cool!  I’ve made $30 so far. :-) Well, in all actuality, $10, because it cost me a $10 broker’s fee to buy it and will cost me $10 to sell it, so I think I’ll hold onto it for a while. :-)

And in other newsI won a door prize grab bag in the Writer’s Weekly Spring 24 hour contest!  I know it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but the last contest, I didn’t even get a mention. So I am honored and excited! If you haven’t heard of Writer’s Weekly and the 24 hour short story contest, check it out here. They hold it 4 times a year and the next one will be in July.

Here is the list of the spring 2014 winners

And here’s the story I entered;

Catch and Release

The tethered sailboat rocks gently on the incoming tide as a full moon rises in the sky. Aaron lies back in the sand and resting his head on his clasped hands he smiles up at Cordelia. “How about a midnight swim to work off that wonderful fish and wild mushroom feast we just ate?”

“A swim? But Aaron we have no suits.”

Reaching up Aaron caresses her warm cheek. “We don’t need suits, Cordelia. There is nobody here but us and the fishes, and I don’t think the fishes will mind if we do a little skinning dipping, do you?”

Standing up he grabs her hand and pulls her to her feet. He watches her slip off her sundress before dropping his shorts.

Cordelia grins and takes off towards the water. “Race ya!” She laughs and dives in under the waves. Popping back up, she shivers. “Brr, it’s cold.”

Aaron catches up to her and pulls her close. Cupping her breast he can feel her taut nipple pressing against his palm. “What the?.”

“What? Aaron, what’s wrong?”

“Something just slipped around my ankle” Aaron drops below the surface of the water.

“Stop teasing. You just want to scare me.” Cordelia admonishes him as his head pops back up but sees the fear in his eyes as Aaron gasps for breath and then disappears under the water again. Cordelia spins around searching the dark sea water screaming out his name.


   Aaron’s naked body flips and flops up and down like a fish out of water. He opens his mouth to suck air in, but only sucks in more of the salty water. His lungs swell until he feels his chest will burst. _So this is how it feels to drown_ Hearing a child’s voice he opens his eyes and struggles to sit up and sees an odd looking creature talking to a bigger, older, and even odder looking creature. Both have the upper body of a horse and the lower body of a fish. The older one has a pearlescent horn protruding from the center of its head that pulses and changes color as it speaks.

“Look mom, I caught a man fish. Can we have him for dinner? Please!”

Aaron looks down at the sturdy fishing line wrapped around his ankle and stands up. “Look, I don’t know who you are or what you are, but I am nobody’s dinner. And where the hell am I anyways? Am I dead?”

“You are in Unimaid City and I am Queen Whinnymer. And it saddens me that you are not dead for now we shall have to bludgeon you with a clam shell before we can filet you. Guards.”

The guards move towards him, and the child thing speaks out. “Wait mom.”

Aaron watches as the odd child whispers into the queen’s ear.

She sighs and waves the guards back. “My son informs me that since you are not dead, it is more unimane to catch and release. So away with you!”

“Away with me? But how am I supposed to find my way back to shore?”

The queen motions to the guards. “The guards will escort you to the outskirts of our city and release you, from there you are on your own.”


   Feeling hands pounding on his chest, Aaron coughs and sputters, spitting out water. He hears Cordelia’s gasping voice and opens his eyes.

“Aaron? Oh, God Aaron you had me so scared. Where were you? You’ve been gone for hours.”

“In Unimaid City discussing the unimane way of catch and release with the queen.”

“What? Aaron you are delirious. We need to get you to the hospital.”

Aaron wraps an arm around Cordelia’s shoulder and hugs her close. “No, I’m okay, but next time we take a vacation it’s going to be on a cattle ranch.” Looking up, Aaron sees a steer sitting on the full moon grinning down at him. In the steer’s hand is a swinging lasso. “You know becoming a vegetarian is looking better all the time. By the way, just where did those mushrooms come from anyway?”

 The End 

   I know it still needs some work, but in my defense, it was a bad weekend for a writing contest! LOL! So now I will do some more editing to it and probably add more to it and it will go into my book of short stories.

Through the Year


(Tentative release date, August 6, 2014)

Tomorrow I will post another review, so make sure you stop back by! Till then, HUGS!



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