Treat everyday as a new adventure

New Year’s Eve

It was the night before New Years and all through the house the creatures were roaming and scaring the mouse. Which caused mom to run screaming right out of the house.

The threadbare stockings, now empty of Christmas cheer, still hung from the mantle waiting for next year.

The moon was full and bright on this cold winter’s night, as I took my place on the couch to the right.

The reveler’s cups were filled with a spirit or two, but not the scary kind that jump out and say boo.

There was a boom and a bang and the dog yipped as if it were in pain, but it was just the illegal fireworks going off again.

They started the countdown as the ball began to fall and when it hit bottom they began to shout, “Happy New Years to all and 2017, it’s time to get out.”

Welcome 2018!

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