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Gerri Bowen Shows us her cover for Love’s Blood

Hi, Gerri and welcome to Karen’s Different Corners. Before you tell us about your cover, I want to thank you for all the tweets you have been tweeting, supporting all of the other author covers that have been featured.  And now, Tell us about your cover and who designed it.

The cover was designed by Su at Earthly Charms.


And here is the blurb;

A wild-blooded Cymraes (Welsh woman) and an outcast Dane are aided by two sapient animals on a mission to protect their humans and ensure they join in fruitful matrimony.

 A woman with inherited paranormal gifts begins a quest of protection for three girls. A cursed, outcast Dane welcomes the strange woman into his homestead.

  She feels welcome and wanted for the first time in her life, but sees the evil behind the curse.  She must hide her abilities, while fighting the evil.

And you can pick up the ebook for “Love’s Blood” HERE!

Thank you Gerri! Hope you have a great week!



  1. Thank you, Karen! 🙂


  2. LOVE this cover! 🙂



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