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Guest Post By Dannie Hill

A writer’s world can be a lonely place as my guest host Dannie Hill will tell you. When writer’s sit down to write, they are transformed in a matter of minutes to other worlds and that can be hard on family and friends. It’s important to have a strong support system. Many times a writer will run into naysayers along the way, but it’s the ones that truly understand us that we honor today. So without any more from me, I’ll let Dannie tell you about his most important supporter, his wonderful wife Julee.
Thank you, Karen, for having me on your great blog. It is an honor.

Writer’s support—A Writer in Thailand

I am an American who’s been living in Thailand for the past nine years with my wife. I’m also a writer with four published novels.
I moved to Thailand for several reasons. I wanted to bring my wife, Julee, back home for a visit—didn’t realize it would be for 9 years and counting—and I was looking for some peace and quiet to pursue my writing career. I found much more than that in this exotic country filled with happy, pretty, hardworking people.
We have a small farm in the central part of Thailand where we grow all the exotic things I dreamed about in my youth: mangoes, papayas, bananas, pineapples… We also raise fish but our main crop is tapioca and sometimes corn. It’s a small farm and we don’t make a lot of money but what we really harvest is contentment.
Being a writer, no matter your location, is a lonely job and we writers need support from others to keep us going. We are artist and not always on the same page as the rest of the world (I’m speaking for myself). It takes a certain kind of person to support someone who spends hours sitting at a desk lost to this world.
My support comes from my wife of 36 years. I couldn’t write without her! She’s the one person that understands and supports my writing life. Not once has she asked me to stop or complained about the time I spend at my craft—not once. When I’m writing a manuscript she allows me my time and overlooks the crazy guy in the corner who hears and sees nothing but the world in his mind. As I start my day at writing, very early in the morning, the real world shrinks to a small speck and the world I build in my mind is everything. But I know when I emerge into the real world Julee will be there smiling and waiting. She’s happy that I’m happy.
Steven King says in his book about writing, that if not for his wife he wouldn’t be able to do what he does and she has saved his life. I guess we are alike in this small way.
Now, my wife is no spotless, flawless angel. She can be a beast when it is required, but her support and love never wavers. In that, she is an angel—I mean anyone that could put up with me for so long is worthy of sainthood!
I truly hope there is someone in your writing life or even your normal life that helps you on your path to greatness—no matter how many times you fall.
If you would like to read a story of how I met this wonderful lady, Here’s a link to my blog.


Dannie Hill is an American and lives in Thailand with his wife. When in the States he lives in Houston, Texas. Dannie has 4 published novels that are enjoyed by many readers.
When not writing, Dannie enjoys sailing, motorcycles, reading and farming. He has a small farm in Thailand growing many exotic fruits and vegetables. The main crop is tapioca and corn. The hard work of farming helps relax his mind while his daydreams come to life. Thailand allows the sounds of English to quiet and daydreams to take shape on paper.
Dannie also has a blog; A Writer’s Life in Thailand.      http://danniehill.wordpress.com/

Find out more about Dannie and all of his novels on Amazon


Thank you so much Dannie for sharing your story with us.

If any of you would like to do a guest post here on my blog just email me at kkrafts58@yahoo.com

And please let us know in the comments Who your biggest supporter is?

Happy Monday Everyone! Enjoy your week!


  1. I adore Dannie and his writing.
    Any man who speaks with such honesty and love for his wife is just sweeter than words.



    • He is that and they are a beautiful couple 🙂


      • Thank you, Eden and Karen, for your kind words. I am a lucky man to have a wife and friends who strive to encourage me and other writers in the lives they lead!


  2. Dannie, you are one of the kindest and most supportive people I’ve ever met and I find it very refreshing how you speak of your wife; it is very evident on how much you truly love her. You are a very lucky man to have her in your life. Now, I’m off to read the post on your site.

    Karen, you couldn’t have picked a better person for your first guest post.




    • Hi Rob You’re right, Dannie is a wonderful supportive person and I am happy that he shared his story with us here on my blog.


    • Thank you, Rob! the turth is I learn from examples like you and so many other great supporters!


  3. It’s a real honor to be the first guest writer for your blog, Karen! I have set the bar low and I l0ook forward to the many great post to come!


  4. Nice. Gave me a smile, and a little trip down memory lane.


    • Good morning T.W. I was just visiting your blog and I love the picture of your desk. It looks just like my dining room table, except my mouse is still wired 🙂


      • It IS the dining room table. ;-P It’s were I work when I have to use the mouse.


      • I work at mine all the time. Laptop, Check. Coffee, Check and Notebooks, but also a dictionary and thesaurus, depending on which laptop I’m using 🙂


      • I’m a shameless Wikipedia user, but a good thesaurus is priceless. Sometimes I wander the house for days on end, looking for the right word or the right phrase, but it can be a time-burner.


      • My thesaurus is well used in fact it is in two pieces :-/ First copyright 1958 (Shh the year I was born), My copy was printed in 1979. I do wander around the house in search of that perfect world and will even ask my son and he sends me back to my book! LOL My old laptop which has MS Word 2003 doesn’t have the dictionary or thesaurus uploaded to the program and there’s really not enough memory on that computer to upload it, besides paperback books are good!


      • ;-D


      • Thanks for the comments, Tim! Wow, you guys get an entire dining room table! I have a fold-up tiny table that I love. Crammed with note books, laptop and anything else needed. I hate to get up once I’m down, lol.


      • Dannie I haven’t interviewed you have I? So here’s a question, Do you have a ritual that you have to do before you start writing? I mean, I have to play and win a game of solitaire and spider solitaire before I open my WIP


      • I did at one time, but now I just need a bit of quite. Once I start the world could end without me knowing it.


  5. Dannie and Karen – Lovely post by a lovely man about a lovely woman. Dannie is very special to me, precisely because of that gentle, sensitive nature that is so evident in his writing and in his appreciative of Julee. Thanks for sharing.


    • Hi Kathy Thank you for stopping by. It’s been a pleasure having Dannie stop by and share his story.


  6. Another lovely post Dannie. We’re only as strong as our families and how rich we are when we choose the right mate. Life is too long not to follow your heart.


  7. Thank you, Karen, for directing me to Dannie’s guest post. Dannie is an amazing man. I adore his writing and I definitely get lost in his words. I have his newest book on my Kindle. I can’t wait to lose myself in that one as well.

    Dannie, the love you have for your wife is so inspiring and the support she gives you is amazing. You both are truly fortunate to have found each other. You fit each other well. One day, my friend, I hope to visit you in your land of contentment. Be well.



  1. A writer’s Life- The Support | Dannie C Hill- The writer

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