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Winners & Thoughts on “Feel the Love” Giveaway

Some of you have asked that I let you know what I think about the Amazon giveaway so far. So I want to give you my thoughts, but first; Congrats to the winners of week 1. Sonya Burton Cortney Housler Breanna Linda Boyd Megan I hope you are enjoying my weekly planner, “Do Something Nice” …

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Introducing Vanessa Wester!

  I have had the pleasure of being a part of the Short Story Group, created by Vanessa Wester and James Smith and for quite some time now, I have been wanting to interview all of the authors, along with Vanessa and James, but have been procrastinating as usual. 🙂 So today it’s my pleasure …

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Love is in the Air! And it’s going to be Free!

Love is in the Air  There are thirteen stories by thirteen different authors. James Smith Vanessa Wester Angela Kelman Steve Venables Mackenzie Brown Sam Croft Michael J. Holley Michelle Willis Sandra Giles Katherine Hetzel Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar David Corbett And me And it’s FREE! July 21st thru July 23rd. Get Yours Here in the US Here …

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