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Wednesday Wonders Interview With Victoria Limbert

I put a call out for interviewees a couple of weeks ago and Victoria quietly and demurely started jumping up and down, waving her arms wildly in the air, “Pick me, Pick me!” So let’s hear a big round of applause and welcome Victoria because she is our first, “Wednesday Wonder” (and make sure to …

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At first the title was going to be “Analyzing Reviews” Then I thought, “The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Reviews. Or how about, “Leave a review after the end of the book…BEEEEEPP…. We all want reviews. We all want good reviews, but did you know that even a bad review can help sell your …

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Support New Talent!

Benjamin mentioned me on twitter, and it got me to thinking and of course when my brain gets to thinking… New Blog Post! Right? So here’s what  Benjamin said @K_Einsel Thanks for the RT! If there were a million of you, we’d all be famous by now. Did you know that the… “Latest official current world …

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I’ve Been Everywhere!

On the web that is! How does everyone do it? How do you keep up? We tweet, blog, facebook, chat, email, blog some more, and then still have, house cleaning, laundry, work, grocery shopping, kids, and jobs! Not to mention, dogs and cats, and relatives! And now the holidays are upon us. Well since this …

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